Saturday Night Live

SNL 37  Cathy Huntington Danz, Jeff Fereday SNL 34  Ned Smull, Lynn Wood, Mike McCullough, Kathy Durbin, John Reeves SNL 36  Nita Grisham, Shelley Baker Velten, Mike McPeak SNL 35  UK, Judi Alexander McLane, Dan Meridith, Dick McLane
SNL 8  Denise Bittner, Chris Cline SNL 6  Sue Mulkey, Shirley Lee Warner SNL 5  Shirley Lee Warner, Sandy Savage, Chris Cline SNL 4  Paula Weir, Robin Wand
SNL 3  Lucy DesAulniers conley, Eileen Neville Donnely SNL 2  Amy Young Braden, Shannon Page, Donna Kom SNL 1  Alana Mc Hugh, Paula Weir SNL 16  Chuck Gossett, Lynn Wood, Rhonda Hynes, Nancy Pond
SNL 15  Kay Hummel (Jeff Fereday) Paula Weir, Marty Gabica SNL 14  Lynne and Curt Stodard SNL 12  Janice Schroeder Eells, Cathy Huntingon Danz, Diane Madsen Theurer, Robin Wand SNL 11  Mike McPeak, Dick McLane, Louise Wood (Mike McPeak), Judi Alexander McLane
SNL 10  Chris Cline, Curt & Lynne Stoddard, Denise Bittner SNL 9  Sue Mulkey, Paula Weir, Sherry Smith, Shirley Lee Warner, Marsha Smith SNL 24  Jeff Fereday, Marty Gabica SNL 23  Mike McPeak, John Reeves
SNL 22  Alana & Pat McHugh SNL 21  Happy crowd SNL 20  Jeanene Dahlquist Ellis SNL 18  Shannon Page, Georgia Bowman, Sharon Olson, Suzanne Charles
SNL 17  Chris Cline, Ned Smull SNL 19  Tasty buffett SNL 13  Server from Kanak Attack SNL 29  Shirley Lee Warner, Meg Givens, Sherry Smith
SNL 28  Nancy Pond, Rhonda Hynes, Sherry Fields SNL 27  Paula & Chuck Gossett, Lucy DesAulniers SNL 26  Lloyd Kangas, Ed Danz (Cathy Huntington Danz) SNL 25  Kathleen Gabica, Kay Hummel
SNL 33  Eileen Donnely, Lucy Conley, Kathi Searle, Jeanene Ellis SNL 32  Suzanne Charles, Tery Francis, Rhonda Hynes, Diane & Ty Theurer, Sharon Olson SNL 78  Janis Eells, Ed & Cathy Danz SNL 31  Sue Mulkey, Denise Bittenr
SNL 30  Barb Cochran, Robin Wand SNL 79  Shoni Davis, Diane Theurer, Nancy Pond SNL 75  Paula Weir, Shirley Lee Warner, Barb Cochrane SNL 70  Pat McHugh, Chuck Gossett
SNL 38  Shelly Smith Eichmann (Boise High), Kathleen Gabica, Kay Hummel SNL 39  Rick Tietsort (Class of '69) SNL 41  Sherry Fields, Sharon Olson, Suzanne Ivey, Terry Francis, Rick Carpenter, Rhonda Hunes, Ty Theurer (Diane) SNL 48  Thanks, Denise, for keeping us together so well!
SNL 47  Georgia and Denise sharing our Borah donation and scholarship appeals SNL 46  More talking SNL 45  Georgia Bowman, Denise Bittner SNL 44  Thanks to Kathy for hosting us - the third time!!!
SNL 43  Donna did it! SNL 42  Sharon Olson, Suzanne Charles, Sherry Fields SNL 53  Listening to the serious business of scholarships SNL 40  Paula Gossett, Shannon Page, Marty Gabica
SNL 50  Rhonda hoping to avoid the hula hoop trial SNL 58  Rhonda seeks divine intervention SNL 57  I think I've got it!!! SNL 55  Rhonda is surrounded by an unknown candycane like object
SNL 56  Alana has it for sure SNL 54  Alana ready to go all night SNL 62  Jeff not so sure at the launch SNL 63  Jeff nails the hula hoop
SNL 61  Jeff swinging it SNL 52  Kathy and Alana SNL 51  Georgia goes for 4 batons!!! SNL 49  Georgia explaining her next move
SNL 77  Jeff was a cheerleader for the scholarship fund SNL 68  Georgia can still toss it SNL 59  Kathy Birch Durbin, Georgia Chase Bowman SNL 60  Georgia twirls and shakes her pom pom.
SNL 67  Alana & Georgia together again SNL 69  Wonder if we can still throw these things??? SNL 66  Shannon and her baton SNL 65  Shannon, the twirler wanna-be.
SNL 64  Ditto SNL 71  Beautiful evening for our gathering, even under slightly scary clouds SNL 74  Lloyd Kangas' classic car SNL 73  Lloyd Kangas' classic car
SNL 72  Lloyd Kangas' classic car