A - H
Denise Alexander Bittner (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Widowed - German Shepherd puppy, Bergen
  Hobbies/Special Interests Skiing, hiking, love of family and friends
  General Update Upon the death, in 2002, of my husband of 29 years, John Robert Bittner, I retired from my job as Assistant Dean for Institutional Advancement of the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and moved, with my parents, back to Boise in 2005.
  Favorite Memory from High School Winning the Pacific Northwest Drill Team Competition, the Fairyland Parade.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned To not let any one social group define me but rather enjoy all diverse classmates.
Judy Alexander McLane (2008)
  Current Occupation "Retired" - may go back for health insurance as it's a ways to Medicare!
  Family Stats Married - 2 kids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Too many hobbies to name but right now doing geneology/scrapbooking/gardening/gourmet cooking classes/easy quilts, etc...
  General Update Married after college, raised kids, worked, traveled, made new friends, spend lots of time in Sunriver.
  Favorite Memory from High School Going out for lunch...
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned To plagiarize a book I'm reading.... "1. Everything changes and ends. 2. Things do not always go according to plan. 3. Life is not always fair. 4. Pain is part of life. 5. People are not loving and loyal all the time". Couldn't have said it better myself.
David C. Allen (2007)
  Current Occupation  
  Family Stats Married 30 years, 3 children
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
Sherry Allen Smith (2007)
  Current Occupation Graphic Design, Self-employed
  Family Stats Widowed, 2 children and 9 grandchildren (ages 2 - 14)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Camping, boating, fishing, traveling, NBA basketball and my grandkids. I have a 17' ski boat and 24' RV I love using.
  General Update My husband, best friend and soulmate of 20 years, passed away of lung cancer in February, 2006. We owned our own printing business in Lincoln, CA (25 miles north of Sacramento) which I sold. After bouncing around for nine months, I realized my heart is still in Idaho. I bought a home and moved back in December. My daughter, Lisa, lives outside of Salt Lake City. She has 4 children (Kayla - 14, Kyle - 12, Kameron - 9 and Kaitlynn - 6). Lisa spends her time as a stay-at-home mother, altho' she's in the car running from one activity to another more than at home. My son, Christopher, is a Captain in the Air Force and is the 2nd seat in the F15 Strike Eagle. He is currently station out of Mountain Home. He has 5 children (Ian - 9, Nathan - 8, Paige & Shelby - 6, Devyn - 2). As you may be able to tell, they are the light of my life and help to keep me active and on track. Would enjoy hearing from other classmates.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Rocking the bleachers to the Bossa Nova tune "Blame it on the Borah Lions"
  General Update Never be afraid to tell the special people in your life how important they are, they may not be here tomorrow.
Bill Amlin (2007)
  Current Occupation Project Manager/Industrial Services, Hydro Engineering
  Family Stats Married for 39 years - 3 children, 10 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update Travel all over designing wastewater systems to protect our environment
  Favorite Memory from High School Kicking Boise High's rear in football
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Cherish your family and friends; never quit learning.
Carol Anderson (2007)
  Current Occupation Housewife/secretary, Curtis Vernon Insurance Agency
  Family Stats Married, 6 children (2 married), 2 grandchildren, 1 dog
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update Got married to a wonderful man from Pittsburgh in 1976. Have 6 wonderful children (3 boys, 3 girls). Lived in Salt Lake City, Bountiful and Farmington, UT. Work part time at the Insurance Agency and full time being a MOM and love it!
  Favorite Memory from High School Pepclub, football & basketball game
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned How valuable friends are.
Garth Anderson (2007)
  Current Occupation Lead machinist, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Technologies
  Family Stats
  Hobbies/Special Interests I'm a bona fide workaholic. When I can squeeze in a little time, I like to take solo trips deep into the Idaho wilderness. I have completely restored twenty-five John Deere tractors, most of them for other people. Have dabbled in black and white photography and done extensive research on WWII. Mostly though, I enjoy spending time with my wife, children and grandchildren.
  General Update Have resided in Idaho by choice since High School. Most of that time has been in the eastern part of the state. I have two daughters in Boise so get back a couple of times a year. Sons-in-law own and operate Big Jud's in Boise. I plan to work several more years before retiring, don't know what I'll do with myself after that! Have lost several friends from my youth. I'm quite hearing impaired but get along okay most of the time. No one ever warned me that I might get old someday. If they had, I wouldn't have believed them!
  Favorite Memory from High School How about the "Impromptu Pep Rally" that occurred in our junior year. It seems that many of us became so revved up after a good old Borah Pep assembly that we kept up the rally in an unauthorized manner in the hallway near the main office. During this occurrence, an enterprising photographer, no doubt from the Safari staff, took a picture of the event, and it appears on pages 98-99 of the '67 yearbook. Shortly thereafter, then Student Body President, Don York, "invited" us to cease and desist, and return to class. Those of us whose faces appear in the photograph are forever incriminated!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned The importance of our friends, especially those from our school days.
Skip Anderson (2008)
  Current Occupation Micron Technology, Inc.
  Family Stats

Single, three sons - Christopher Daniel, Michael Jacob and Lucas Tyler. No grandchildren and mo pets.

  Hobbies/Special Interests I love to dance. Favorite dances are Two Step, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Six Count Swing, Night Club Two Step, Cha Cha and the Hustle. Of course, I like the good old one step belly rub, with the right person! :) I also still love to fish and hunt. I really enjoy steelhead, salmon, and sturgeon fishing. Like to spend time in my boat on the water. Very relaxing for me.
  General Update After high school, I got drafted in the Army and sent to Viet Nam. Spent 13 months over there. I was trained in Artillery at Ft. Sill, OK, but when I got to Viet Nam, they made me a clerk typist. I then learned the masonry trade, when I returned home, through the local union and did that for 15 years. I then was hired at Micron Technology, where I'm currently employed, going on 20 years. There, I supervise the production line on A-shift in an area called Singulation and Trim and Form. Hope to retire there. Micron has been good to me and they give me plenty of time off. I've had three and four days off each week going on 20 years. You gotta love that! Married twice and divorced twice! I'm such a bad man!!!:)
  Favorite Memory from High School Graduation!!! Although I did have a lot of fun with my classmate Gary Angell!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Take care of yourself! You only have one body through this life. Although some people have it altered and enlarged!
Susan Anderson Perlow (2013)
  Current Occupation Oracle Manufacturing Consultant and Real Estate Broker, Perlow Investments, LLC
  Family Stats

Married, 2 children, 6 grandchildren, 2 Yorkies, 1 Labrador Retriever and a Peruvian Paso Mare

  Hobbies/Special Interests Quilting
  General Update I own a commercial real estate brokerage and am graduating from Concord Law School on 8/3 with emphases in Corporate Law and Federal Taxation.
  Favorite Memory from High School Loved wearing the Yellow & Green drill team uniform on Fridays!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I spent a year in Israel and learned the importance of tolerance for others with a different belief system. We can only hope the Palestinians and Israelis come to the same understanding soon.
Gary Angell (2008)
  Current Occupation Starbucks National Brand Manager, Supervalu/Albertsons - 43 years
  Family Stats Married, 2 children and 4 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update Cherie and I have been married for 37 years! We enjoy traveling and spending time with our family and friends. We are looking forward to returning to our home in the mountains of Idaho upon my retirement. Although Minnesota is a beautiful state, Idaho will always be our home.
  Favorite Memory from High School My "Henry J" in the parking lot.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Dance in the rain...
Susan Archer Nelson (2008)
  Current Occupation Wife, mother &, grandma
  Family Stats Married for 33 years: 6 kids, 9 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Traveling, visiting grandchildren. home decorating, antiques, exercising, church activities
  General Update Bachelor's degree, BYU - Elem. Ed. Taught 1st grade, secretary of a school, married Scott Nelson 1984, stay-at-home mom of 6 children, 4 now married after getting college degrees, 2 in college now, 9 grandchildren, revolving door stage of life, active member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, have lived in Pleasanton CA last 20 years, considering substitute teaching this coming year.
  Favorite Memory from High School Painting posters for the football games. Football games - funeral for other team. Pep club. Going to airport to meet Hawaii football team.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Your life and happiness is determined by the choices you make. Your life can change in an instant by a good or bad choice.
Van Atkins (2006)
  Current Occupation Corporate Executive Chef, Custom Culinary
  Family Stats Married, 2 daughters, Angela and Vanessa
  Hobbies/Special Interests Cooking, golf and old cars
  General Update Just trying to make a positive difference in people's lives through food and advice.

Editor's addition from Van's corporate bio: Chef Atkins joined Custom 9 years ago after a distinguished 30+ year culinary career. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Atkins' prior experience includes executive chef posts at Luxor Hotel & Casino and Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, The St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA., and Loews Anatole, Dallas, TX. Among many professional distinctions, Atkins is one of 100 members worldwide of the Exclusive Order of the Golden Toque. He was invited to become Executive Chef at the White House in 1987. In addition, Atkins is an active member of the American Culinary Federation, Research Chef’s Association, American Academy of Chefs as well as Ambassador to the Culinary Institute of America.

Alice Austin Stanley (2008)
  Current Occupation Accounting, LeBois Realty (husband's business)
  Family Stats Married, two sons: Matthew (31) and Jason (29). One Cavachon dog named Sophie. No grandbabies yet but one granddog (Hazel.)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Love to cook and entertain friends and family. Like swimming, riding my bike.
  General Update Left Boise in 1972 to work for MK in Hawaii, building military housing. Transferred to California to 29 Palms doing same thing on the Marine Corps base. Moved around a lot from Northern California to Southern California 'til we finally settled in the Bay area, where my husband worked for a Fortune 500 commercial construction co. In 1983, decided to do it for ourselves so we became self-employed and have been building/developing and selling real estate ever since. All the time Russ was advancing his career, I got to be a stay-at-home mom and raise our two sons. While in California, I owned my own beauty salon, which was an official "Paul Mitchell" salon. I did fragrabce modeling for Fendi, and Lagerfield. After moving back to Boise in 1992, I have worked in retail, managed a 3rd Dimension salon, Managed Dahles Big & Tall, wored at The Bon for Lancome, and now for my husband's real estate office as the accounting dept. What a ride it has been.
  Favorite Memory from High School Shellie Baker telling me she "ironed" her hair. I mean ironed... like with an iron you iron clothes with.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned It turns out that what goes around, comes around is really true. Good or bad!
Barbara Bachman Cochrane (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired English Teacher
  Family Stats Single, two grown children, Fritz (37), Tova (34), 4 grandkids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Helping my elderly mom, biking (mtn, road), skiing (skate, backcountry, alpine), river running (kayaking, rafting), hiking, reading, traveling, camping, taking grandkids on outdoor adventures, gardening, yoga, listening to great live music, learning bridge and the ukelele, enjoying the company of great friends and family.
  General Update Last fall Shannon Cory Page and I and several others biked the White Rim Trail in the Moab area. This spring, I got a total knee replacement and am working to maintain an active lifestyle. I love living in the foothills of Boise and going for walks out my backdoor. The music and cultural scene in Boise is really becoming exciting.
  Favorite Memory from High School Christy Cline cabin "fun" and being surprised by my parents too early in the morning, to start a new job as lifeguard at the Natatorium Pool. The pep assemblies during our time were incredible! I had to move to Idaho Falls my Sr. year and was devastated to lose my connection with Borah.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned My relationships with people and nature sustain me. I love to share all our privileged life with others, yet balance the busyness witht the calm of simplicity.
Bill Baker (2008)
  Current Occupation Clinical Social Worker, self-employed
  Family Stats Married - 1 son, Nick; 1 dog, Tia, 1 grandpug
  Hobbies/Special Interests Les Boise Miata club, woodworking, travel
  General Update I have a successful private clinical Social Work practice in Nampa.
  Favorite Memory from High School
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I have maintained my tendency to question authority.
Michelle Baker Smith (2007)
  Current Occupation Retired from Idaho Power Purchasing Department. Now working at Commercial Tire.
  Family Stats Married to classmate David Smith. One daughter, Kimberly, and a granddaughter.
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
Patrick Baldwin (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired (2004)
  Family Stats Married, two cats; Chester & Samantha
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, traveling in our motorhome & doing whatever my bride asks... cheerfully.
  General Update Married my high school sweetheart (Leslie) in 1971. We chased our careers from coast to coast to coast and mad it close enough to the top. We have managed to experience a good share of the world along the way. I wouldn't change a thing!
  Favorite Memory from High School I met my future and current bride of more than 37 years.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Do it now while it matters & while you can.
Karen Bates Wheelwright (2003)
  Current Occupation Accounting assistant, Spokesman Review
  Family Stats Divorced, one son
  Hobbies/Special Interests Outdoors, X-country skiing
  General Update This past year was a milestone in my life. My son Matt graduated from Washington State University in May after a 5-year program in Construction Management. He even had a construction company he had interned with for 2 summers hire him before he graduated and it is in Spokane. A week later he proposed to his girlfriend and they will marry next summer. I couldn't ask for a better daughter-in-law. I am one proud mom. I still work at the Spokesman Review in the accounting department, beginning my 17th year. Of course, I keep hoping to win the WA or ID lottery and retire. My dream is to have a home up at Priest Lake, ID. I love the outdoors, whether it be the mountains or the ocean, for the beauty and tranquility. I discovered kayaking a couple of years ago and am looking to purchase a kayak for touring only (no white water for this girl.) My son tho't it was real "cute" when he graduated from high school in 1998 - he said "Hey, mom, do you realize that it was 30 years ago when you graduated?!?"
John C Beacham (2003)
  Current Occupation Regional Director of Sales, Shilo Inns
  Family Stats Married, 2 children
  Hobbies/Special Interests Fishing, hunting, golf, camping
  General Update After working for several regional airlines and helping start 3, I returned to Boise in 1996 to be near my father, who passed away this spring. My wife and I started a travel agency, World Wide Tours & Travel, in Eagle. After 3 years, we sold the agency to Harmon Travel. We have taken several cruises and have visited Australia and New Zealand. As regional director of sales for Shilo Inns, I am involved in tourism and am president of the Southwest Idaho Travel Assn., promoting Southwest Idaho. While my children were in high school, we had 2 foreign exchange students - one from Hungary (the first from Hungary to come to Northern Idaho) and one from Scotland. We keep in touch with Christie from Scotland, who is in the Royal Army. He will be getting married in May, 2004, and both my children and my wife & I will go to Edinburgh to the wedding.
Leslie Benjamin Baldwin (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired (1998)
  Family Stats Married, two cats - Chester & Samantha
  Hobbies/Special Interests Traveling by motorhome
  General Update We have lived all over the country (Utah, Indiana, New York, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Nevada) and have enjoyed them all.
  Favorite Memory from High School I met my husband in Mrs. Vetter's French class.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned After surviving breast cancer, I realized that yesterday and tomorrow are not nearly as important as today.
Laura Benson (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired banker
  Family Stats Married
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, hiking, traveling
  General Update Retired from Northern Trust in August 2012 and moved to Tucson, AZ. We have spent the last year traveling and adjusting to a very busy retirement life.
  Favorite Memory from High School Fall band practice with Mr. Perkins
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Smile and keep going.
Patricia Berry Ludwig (2008)
  Current Occupation Self-employed desktop publisher
  Family Stats Married, three daughters, seven grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Play recorder (alto, soprano mostly), calligraphy
  General Update Spent 7 years at Concordia Lutheran Seminary where husband got two degrees, several years as pastor's wife in Cresbard, SD, 6 years in Novosibirsk, Siberia, where husband teaches in seminary. Now live in Walla Walla, WA.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is meaningless apart from faith in Christ Jesus and his full redemption, won on the cross, and doctrine matters.
Roy Berto (2012)
  Current Occupation RETIRED and loving it!!! :-)
  Family Stats Married, 4 kids, 3 grandkids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Gardening, fishing, traveling, working with the LIONS clubs
  General Update It is still wild and crazy
  Favorite Memory from High School Art and metal shop.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Take care of the ones you LOVE and care about.
Kathy Birch Durbin (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married. Husband Bob and son Brent, who will be married to Anna by the time of the reunion. Best dog ever, Scruffy
  Hobbies/Special Interests Travel, diving, flat water kayaking, hiking, quilting, reading. Doing whatever I want, whenever I want.
  General Update Retired in 2005 from 30 plus years as a Special Education T
  Favorite Memory from High School Friday night games.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Hmmmmmmm?
Shannon Bishop Hull (2012)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, 3 wonderful kids and two fantastic grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Family, Friends, Technology, Writing, Reading, Gardening
  General Update  
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Enjoy life and your family.
Susan Bower Donnelly (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married; 1 daughter, 2 grandkids, 1 three-legged granddog named PUP
  Hobbies/Special Interests Still active consulting in the car business, buying/selling old cars. Spending lots of time with my two granddaughters, babysitting, hanging out with them.
  General Update Left Boise in 1974, returned upon retirement in 1998. I'm very happy to be back in this wonderful valley./td>
  Favorite Memory from High School Too many, but I remember going to PacOut on Vista, Jean Bullock worked there and made the best chocolate cokes, Gay & I would spend hours there chatting with all the "gang". Also remember basketball games, most of them last minute wins or losses! Fun times of our lives.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Just to enjoy yourself and your loved ones. Too soon we lose people we care about.
Suzanne Bowles Brown (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired Educator
  Family Stats Married, two sons, two grandkids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Tennis, fishing, boating, gardening
  General Update Greg has one more year flying for Fedex and then we will decide about splitting our year into summers at our cabin on the Kenai River and winters somewhere else. We are true Alaskans now, boating, fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing.
  Favorite Memory from High School Great friends. Great Pep Club.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Mike Brandeberry (2008)
  Current Occupation Attorney, Washington Mutual
  Family Stats Married, 3 children - Mark (28), Scott (25), Brooke (21)
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update Sue & I are (finally) empty-nesters and enjoying it. I enjoy my work. Retirement is several years off. We love Seattle and life is very good.
Kenton Brandel (2008) Deceased 2013
  Current Occupation House Frau
  Family Stats Married to Susie (wife #2), combined family of 2 sons, 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren!
  Hobbies/Special Interests Hunting, fishing, country-western dancing and GRANDKIDS!
  General Update I spent 38 years working for Qwest Communication (and predecessors), retiring in August '07. I met and married Susie 14 years ago - my life has never been the same! After retirement, Susie became the BREAD WINNER and I her "House Frau" - the title speaks volumes!!!
  Favorite Memory from High School Graduation.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned It's difficult to be a perfectionist in a world of imperfection.
Jean Brassey Latham (2008)
  Current Occupation Legal secretary (part-time), Speck & Aanestad
  Family Stats Married to Nick, 2 children - Zachary (29) & Katherine (26)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Hiking, biking, alpine and Nordic skiing, river rafting
  General Update Lived in Hailey 28 years. Husband owns own architectural firm; I've worked as legal assistant off and on 36 years; married 36 years - traveled to Kenya, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Europe, rafted Grand Canyon - self-supported.
  Favorite Memory from High School Drill team performances at football/basket ball games; cheering sections at football/basketball games.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Slow down - smell the roses; breathe in wonderful outdoor scenery around your life.
Bobbie Brooking Davis (2012)
  Current Occupation Semi-retired and farming
  Family Stats Married
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Live today like there is no tomorrow!!!!
Lynette Brown Sali (2010)
  Current Occupation Writer/artist Homemaker
  Family Stats Married to Greg for 39 years, 3 children who were all Borah student body officers and part of the choral music program. All members of our family graduated from Boise State so now we have three generations of Broncos (though Carolyn spent 2 yrs at Idaho so considers herself a Vandal!) We enjoy six incredible grandchildren and one dog, Lily Lu, a drahthaar (a German wirehaired pointer) who thinks she's a lap dog! She's a character and we often call her LuLu.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Learning and growing and expanding my creativity are my life passions. Have grown immensely through Al Anon. I enjoy writing and acrylic and mixed media painting, and continue to take art classes. As a member of Pixie Chicks Writers Group, I am honing my writing skills, working toward publication. I am part of two local church art ministries and create themed pieces for exhibit. I enjoy practical application Bible Studies (especially Beth Moore) and am taking grandchildren with me to Bible Study Fellowship where they love the children’s program. We like 5th wheel camping (Greg fishes and I fish….when they’re biting….and then paint or write). Our family loves to play croquet, bocce ball, and card games
  General Update After graduation from BSU, I have spent my time as a volunteer and raising, nurturing and investing in our children. Now I delight in time with our grandchildren. We love doing art and craft projects and then exhibit their work at the Fair. I am amazed how God uses Grammas to nurture and soothe hearts and in awe how God has used my unconditional love for my grandchildren to teach me about His deep unconditional love for me.

I have enjoyed jobs in varied venues: A Christian bookstore; Job Service Consultant for the Idaho Department of Labor; Activity Director with a local senior independent living retirement community of 85-90 residents (got my CDL license and drove the 16-passenger bus and facilitated many activities), and worked at C.A.R.E. Club, a respite and enrichment day care for seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia. Then I cared for our son Jason's three children so he and his wife could graduate from BSU.

In May '07, I finished a 9-month certification course to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (primarily to help my family's health and write to help others.) It's a holistic approach to nutrition and involves balancing the foundations of nutritional health: a whole food, nutrient dense diet, digestion, blood sugar handling, the endocrine system, essential fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration. (I learned dehydration is the most common nutritional deficiency in the US today!)

Greg retired in 1997 as a Lt. Col. from the Idaho Air National Guard (was an instructor for the Reconnaissance Weapons School and RF-4 and F-4G Wild Weasel.) He retired in April 2010 from his position as a Research Analyst with the Idaho Department of Corrections. An avid fly tyer and pontoon kickboat fisherman, he will float the Middle Fork of the Salmon for the third time this year. He is the original owner of his red 1968 Shelby 500 KR convertible.

We are blessed that all our kids live in Boise and family remains a high priority. Son Jodi writes and produces award-winning radio commercials for Peak Broadcasting; son Jason is Tax CPA with CooperNorman; daughter Carolyn is V.P. Operations for DaviesMoore, a marketing, advertising and PR firm in Boise that handles diverse clients including the Idaho Lottery and the University of Idaho.

  Favorite Memory from High School Winning drill team competition; choir concerts; and shaking the light fixtures at pep rallies.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I have several favorite quotes:
“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”
"Life is a journey, not a destination."
And an original: “Acceptance brings peace because it unties the knots of expectation.”
My life lessons? Relationships are key to a worthwhile journey: My relationship to Jesus and my relationship to family and friends. I've learned that humility (being approachable and teachable), unconditional love, and forgiveness are keys to building better relationships. I continue to grow as I learn new lessons daily.
Dwayne Brunge (2008) Deceased 2005
  Current Occupation Was a medical engineer for GE Medical
  Family Stats Married for 35 1/2 years to Linda (who submitted this report for him), two kids, four grandkids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Dwayne's passion was to throw horseshoes and he played many tournaments in Silver City, ID. He also enjoyed snow mobiling.
  General Update After Viet Nam and college, was hired by General Electric Medical Systems. During his career, moved to Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls and back to Boise where he retired. He passed away January 5, 2005.
Bonnie Kay Bullock (2008)
  Current Occupation Taking care of the elderly, self-employed
  Family Stats Married, 5 children - 3 sons and 2 daughters, all happily married and 13 grandchildren - 10 grandsons and 3 granddaughters
  Hobbies/Special Interests I am a genealogy consultant; I enjoy searching for my ancestors. I dabble in painting - oil and acrylic art. I love playing with all my grandchildren. My husband and my mother and I enjoy traveling and seeing our family.
  General Update I am self-employed - presently I work for 4 elderly people, keeping them in a clean environment, shopping for those who are homebound. I live in Vancouver, WA. My elderly mother lives with me and my husband. In 1967, I graduated from Hollywood Beauty School. I have worked as a beautician in a shop in Mountain Home, ID, for a very short time, but I have done hair for friends and family for 40 years. My husband and I will be married 40 years in August, 2008.
Anne Burkholder (2008)
  Current Occupation CEO, Salt Lake City YWCA and adjunct university faculty
  Family Stats Single
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
  Favorite Memory from High School
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned
Dennis R Byington (2013)
  Current Occupation Lawyer
  Family Stats Married in 1974 while on active duty in the Army in Washington DC. We have 8 children and 11 grandchildren. Our youngest son just returned from serving a church mission in St. Petersburg, Russia. He will be going to BYU Provo in the fall. His older brother is heading back to BYU Idaho. Of the other children, two live in Boise, one a deputy Ada County Sheriff. Two live here in Burley. One daughter lives in Parma and one lives in Enid, OK.
  Hobbies/Special Interests I am still President of the Mt. Harrison Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit arts group. I direct plays and produce community shows. I still play violin in the Magic Philharmonic Orchestra and serve on the Board of Directors. I served as President for seven years and have been asked to guest conduct for 4 different concerts. This is our thirtieth year.
  General Update I have been asked to serve in our church in the local Spanish speaking branch, which has kept my Spanish up. My wife is a native German and while on active duty in Germany, I learned conversational German. My kids speak Tagalog, Polish, Spanish and Russian. Some family get-togethers can get quite interesting.
  Favorite Memory from High School I had just moved from Twin Falls where pep assemblies were thought to be mostly for the girls to yell. At the first pep assembly at Borah, when people started cheering, as usual I stayed sitting, but only for a moment when I saw everyone stand and cheer. I learned what it meant to want to win.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned As a Public Defender, I have been on the local Drug Court Team for several years. I have seen that people can change. A photo is taken when they start and when they finish drug court. It is amazing to see the difference. Not everyone makes it, but it is great to be part of helping those who do. I have had the same legal secretary for 26 years. It is great to receive such loyalty and dedication. (If my grammar or spelling is off, it is because I didn't have her check this first!)
Paula Carlson Weir (2018)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats No kids, grandkids - 1 ex-spouse (single since 1981).
  Hobbies/Special Interests Sewing, reading, volunteering
  General Update Since I retired in 2000, I've done some fun traveling and lots of volunteering (several years at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle - a great place to visit if you're ever in the area) and more recently the Seattle Public Library helping with computer classes. In the fall of 2010, I made a temporary move back to Boise to care for my parents. My dad passed away in April, 2012 (at age 100 1/2!) and Mom passed away in 2016 (also at age 100) after living with me for 4 years in Seattle. Since then, I've been making up for lost time, traveling to Australia, Sweden and a road trip on the east coast. Life is always interesting!
  Favorite Memory from High School Humanities class, nail-biting basketball games, hanging out with friends - unfavorite memory: running the ditchbank
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned To have faith in the passage of time. When I have something ahead of me that I dread for whatever reason, I remind myself that the event will soon be behind me and, however it comes out, I will have survived. Has gotten me thru some scary tests, speaking engagements, dental appointments, and other unwelcome happenings. On the other side of the coin, there's always some new thing to look forward to coming down the road, if I just look far enough.
Dorothy Carter Boggs (2010)
  Current Occupation Homemaker
  Family Stats Married, We have four sons - the oldest is 42 and the youngest is 33 in July, 2010, and four grandchildren from 15 to 9 years in July, 2010 (two of each)
  Hobbies/Special Interests I love to do genealogies and have learned more history through tracing family members than I remember learning in school. It has put me in contact with family all over this country that I never knew existed.
  General Update After having our son, his girlfriend, and our grandson living with us for three years, they are moving out and we are getting our nest back. I am looking forward to this season and all it will bring with it. We are traveling more and have plans for greater travel throughout America in the future as we get closer to and then retire.
  Favorite Memory from High School Pep rallies and football or basketball games where we cheered our team on to victory.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Things are never quite as bad as you think they are going to be. Don't waste time living in fear, live your life without regrets.
Monty Cazier (2008)
  Current Occupation Business Owner, AMERICA'S BEST FLAGS AND FLAGPOLES
  Family Stats Married to a wonderful woman, Teresa, from Michigan. I attended her high school graduation in 1971. We got married on September 23, 1971. We have seven children - six boys, one girl. We have two grandchildren.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Working with our Border Collie.
  General Update Lived in Michigan for 25+ years and, in 2005, relocated to Texas.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Learning to forgive others, including ourself.
Gary Celustka (2008)
  Current Occupation Records Management
  Family Stats Divorced - two sons, Karel and Robert
  Hobbies/Special Interests Researching self-employment opportunities
  General Update I'm overdue in attending any school reunions.
  Favorite Memory from High School Participating in the band was fun.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Never stop learning.
Georgia Chase-Gunstream (2008)
  Current Occupation President/CEO - Nampa Chamber of Commerce
  Family Stats Married, blended family of 5 children, 2 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Reading for fun and to learn more about leadership. Love to work out - weights/treadmill/walking.
  General Update 25 years with First Interstate Bank - retired in 1996 from bank. Accepted position as Pres/CEO of Nampa Chamber of Commerce in 1996 and still there. Remarried in January.
  Favorite Memory from High School Twirling solo on BSU's football field, marching in the Fairyland Parade. Being selected as Head Baton Twirler my junior year. Football & basketball games. Friendships and being accepted as the new girl from Minnesota.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Never give up on those you love -- no matter how much pain you must endure.
Bruce Cleveland (2018)
  Current Occupation Retired / with wife
  Family Stats Married, wife Bobi grad. Capital, two step daughters: Cassie - US Air Force officer, Sonya - new PhD at NNU
  Hobbies/Special Interests Enjoying all the wildlife that comes to the backyard to find some food.
  General Update Making it day by day.
  Favorite Memory from High School All of the good ties and sports.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Keep learning every day.
Christina Cline (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired Educator, artist
  Family Stats Single, great nieces and nephew plus "adopted" little ones to play with and give back to their parents. Two spoiled rotten pups: 'Handsome' Griffin and 'The Terrorist Pup' Gracie.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Artwork, reading, pool time, gardening, traveling the world via the internet. As family historian, I am telling our heritage through photographs and stories.
  General Update Retired after 38 years of teaching art, photography and yearbook (18 at South Junior High, 20 at a high school south of Seattle). I love waking up without the alarm, inventing most days spontaneously, spending more time with family and friends, and catching up on the reading I never had enough time for.
  Favorite Memory from High School Where to begin? Friends and the crazy-silly times, plus all of the games and activities. The cabin and skiing buddies... stories to tell. You know who you are! he he he
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life presents us with challenges (karate chops): 'Think through the brick, not to the brick'. Whoop, whoop!
Kathleen Coon Taylor (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, 3 kids; 6 grandkids (2 boys, 4 girls - including twins.)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Travel, sewing, rafting
  General Update Happy, love life, very healthy after a medical scare in my forties. Love being a grandmother (Mimi)
  Favorite Memory from High School Going to the games & decorating the players' homes! High school was fun!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Importance of my family and the faith we all share.
Shannon Cory Page (2008)
  Current Occupation Coordinated School Health Director, Idaho Department of Education
  Family Stats Widowed, one daughter, Stephanie, age 38, living in Boise
  Hobbies/Special Interests Downhill skiing, tennis, biking, rafting, spending time with family & friends
  General Update Moved back to Boise from Atlanta, GA, in 2000, after working for CDC for four years; enjoyed Georgia but love being back in my hometown.
  Favorite Memory from High School My friends.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life's about relationships - with ourselves, family members, friends and community - and not about most of the things that have consumed the majority of my time.
Brian Crowell (2008)
  Current Occupation Biology teacher, Middleton High School
  Family Stats Married, one son, one dog, six llamas
  Hobbies/Special Interests Idaho, kayaking, traveling, gardening
  General Update I've finished 34 years of teaching biology, laughing with/at the students 'til I cry tears.
  Favorite Memory from High School The time I spent in lockers, games, the feeling of being a Borah Lion, coach Troxel's farewell
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Just keep smiling.
Donnelyn Curtis (2008)
  Current Occupation Library administrator, University of Nevada, Reno
  Family Stats Married. I have been with the same husband for 33 years now. Our 3 kids, Ellen (29), Bowen (24) and William (22) are getting started in their careers and are not married. Ellen is living in San Francisco, working as a web designer, and the other two are in Reno for now. Ellen and Bowen graduated from UNR and William graduates in December.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Tennis again, reading, local history, writing, movies.
  General Update I've been a librarian for 20 years, the first half at New Mexico State University, and the last half here at UNR. Before that, we lived all over the west, experimenting with lifestyles, exploring mountains and deserts. I'm a workaholic, but starting to recover. I've always loved my profession, which is fortunate, since retirement is a few years away. My job is full of interesting challenges and opportunities, but when I do retire, I will definitely enjoy the freedom and the time.
  Favorite Memory from High School Mr. Bender as a teacher and debate coach has made a lasting impression. I remember good times with friends, night skiing at Bogus, cruising downtown, the party in my barn in our senior year (big trouble afterwards with parents.)
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I am still learning.
Dana Daniels Winward (2008)
  Current Occupation Head Start teacher, Bear River HS
  Family Stats Widowed, 8 children, 19 grandchildren - Enjoy my children and grandchildren - they keep pretty busy trying to keep up with their sports & school activities.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Enjoy playing with my grandchildren. I enjoy going for walks, reading, scrapbooking
  General Update My husband passed away with cancer 7 years ago. Before that, I helped with Title 1 & in the developmental preschool at the elementary school. Since then, I have taught Head Start.
  Favorite Memory from High School Working on yearbook staff.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned To cherish time with family & friends, as life can change quickly.
Rob Davis (2009)
  Current Occupation Service Tech, United Rentals
  Family Stats Divorced - 3 kids, 5 grandkids and 1 great grandson
  Hobbies/Special Interests Being outdoors in the mountains
  General Update  
  Favorite Memory from High School Graduation!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Give back.
Shoni Davis (2003)
  Current Occupation RN - Clinic Manager, The Everett Clinic
  Family Stats Divorced, 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
John Lee DeAtley (2008)
  Current Occupation Manager, Qwest
  Family Stats Married, two kids - one son (35) with one daughter; one daughter (25) with one daughter & one son.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Travel, racing cars, team driver for Mercedes
  General Update Looking forward to retirement
  Favorite Memory from High School Athletics
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Have a secondary plan - not everything in life turns out the way you plan.
Lucy DesAulniers (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired and "care giver" to a 4 year old.
  Family Stats Married. Husband Dick Conley (graduated from Emmett HS in '68) Superintendent of Schools in Bonners Ferry, ID; "kids" Ryan - 37, Jake - married - 35, Molly - 34 with grandson Jacob Ryan, 4. 5 horses with a new colt, a filly, one old lab and a calico cat.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Reading; working with glass making bowls, stars, night-lights, windchimes, etc; traveling throughout the U.S., 4-wheeling; riding horses; working outside; baking/cooking; ironing.....
  General Update Taught H.S. PE/Lifetime sports/Health/coached Volleyball/track-field events @ Borah up to the day my first born decided to enter the world early. Stay-@-home mom, coached volleyball in Emmett and Wendell. Moved to Morton, WA - taught 3,5,6 grades & coached volleyball (grade school, Jr. High and HS) in Morton while teaching in Mossyrock. Moved to E WA and back to W WA where I substituted in all grades; and then back to ID....way up North. Long term subbing & then decided I was through.
  Favorite Memory from High School Marching band, loved the parades and contests.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Each day awakens the heart to the magic of dreams, old and new, which celebrates the joy, love and wonder that life can hold. AND Every day make the world a little different that it was the day before; love, laugh' smile' and live life to its fullest.
Barbara Dillree Boyle (2003)
  Current Occupation Homemaker
  Family Stats Married, 8 children, 11 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Four-wheeling, quilting, writing
  General Update I married a career Air Force man and we traveled all around the world for twenty years before settling down and building a log home in Teton Valley, Idaho.  All of my children are on their own except for my 16-year-old twin girls.  I feel so badly to have missed the class reunions--we've always been overseas or too far away to attend.  I'm hoping to be at the one in 2008.  Life's been good to me and my family.  I would love to see some of my old classmates again, after all these years!
Carol Dixon Pratt (2003)
  Current Occupation Manager, Acosta
  Family Stats Married, 5 grown children, 23 grandchildren (as of 2006)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Sewing
  General Update Have fun playing with all the grandkids. As of this date all grandkids are under age of 7 except for 2. Lots of diapers!
JoAnn Dransfield Blout (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, Husband Rob (married 34 years), adult children Matthew (single) and Sarah (divorced) with 2 daughters, Madison - 6 1/2 and Taylor - 5
  Hobbies/Special Interests Love to travel, HAM operator helping husband with Rally and Road races, enjoy reading, movies, and "counted cross stitch".
  General Update

Retired Meridian School District School Nurse, Rob also retired so we are enjoying travel, hobbies and granddaughters. Sarah's girls attend Jefferson and will go on to South and Borah -- Yeah!


  Favorite Memory from High School Acting in the plays, traveling debate and speech contests.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Treat others with dignity and respect and that dignity and respect will be returned.
Vicki Ebersberger (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Single, 2 small Yorkies
  Hobbies/Special Interests Gardening, reading, car trips
  General Update After 27 years' career in banking, being a teller, loan secretary, supervisor at a loan service center and earning my AVP status and then 9 years with another institution as a credit risk manager, I am now enjoying retirement.
Doug Empey (2009)
  Current Occupation Idaho State Liquor Store Manager
  Family Stats Married, 2 kids, 5 grandkids
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
John Erdle (2006)
  Current Occupation Civil Engineer, PHG Wong Engineering
  Family Stats Married, 2 grown kids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Fly fishing, photography
  General Update Moved from Brentwood, CA to Phoenix, AZ, about 2 1/2 years ago to work on a light rail construction project.
Elaine Evans Mauss (2008)
  Current Occupation Disabled
  Family Stats Widowed, son Jason, 35 - Houston TX high school swim/water polo coach/history teacher; son Ryan, 33 - Salt Lake City - owns his own catering company; daughter Andrea, 30 - works for Continental Airlines; son Jeremy, 26 - works for Intercontinental Hotels, ass't water polo coach, University of Utah club team, works part time in radio production; Jeffery, 21 - Texas A&M University - active in USA jump rope, travels around the country to teach jump rope. He is a world double Dutch champion. Four grandchildren: Hannah, 10 (Andrea), Tyler, 2 & Nicole, 4 weeks (Ryan) Jacob, 6 mo. (Jeremy). Dog Holly
  Hobbies/Special Interests Travel, sewing, needlework, crochet, community work, taking care of my 10 year old granddaughter.
  General Update I am recently widowed. I have had several major medical problems but am getting better. I enjoy doing community service work and taking care of my 10 year old granddaughter.
  Favorite Memory from High School I loved going to the pep rallys and the football and basketball games. The school spirit was great.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Stand up and take a stand for what you believe in and honesty will make you free.
Doug Ewing (2006)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, 6 children, 1 grandchild
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf
  General Update We now have three going on six grandchildren and have been enjoying life traveling. We went to China last year and are heading to Thailand this spring. We have traveled all over the world but still prefer Boise and the surrounding area. We have lived in the same house for twenty six years. We spend many days enjoying the lake up north and love to watch or grandchildren play in the sand and catch little fish. It is a little heaven on earth for us. I must admit after retiring from my career in Alzheimer's care, life has slowed down considerably. We started a company that has split once since we started and it now employs around eight hundred people. It was very hectic but also very rewarding to help families and their loved ones deal with Alzheimer's. I enjoyed traveling and visiting with all our caretakers throughout the western United States. I got to meet many loving and caring health care professionals who truly loved what they were doing. They are very special people.
John Fahrer (2008)
  Current Occupation Safety & Environmental Director, Engineered Structures, Inc.
  Family Stats Married, 4 kids - Josh, Ben, Nick & Katie; one grandchild - Alexa
  Hobbies/Special Interests Baseball, golf, travel
  General Update After high school, went to college in Oregon, moved to Lake Tahoe, and then returned to Boise in 1982; worked construction most of my life. Finally "growing up" after all these years.
  Favorite Memory from High School Car pooling in "Captain America" - giving the morning announcements - waiting for my parents to leave on the weekends - having nothing productive to do most of the spring of our senior year (outside of the big party)
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Teamwork & motivation can overcome a lack of skill - how to learn more from your defeats than your victories.
Nancy Fenwick Choules (2006)
  Current Occupation AVP, Farmers & Merchants
  Family Stats Divorced, 3 children - Nicole, Eric and Isaac - all married and living in Idaho. 2 grandchildren (Nicole's)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Home & garden improvements
  General Update Enjoying life - career, family, friends and home
Jeff Fereday (2013)
  Current Occupation Lawyer, Givens Pursley, LLP
  Family Stats Married, 2 boys, Wyatt (24) and Charlie (21). Wyatt is getting his master's degree in hydrogeology at University of Nevada, Reno. Charlie is a senior at Montana State University. Both are avid XC skiers and musicians; neither is married.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Nordic skiing, guitar, backpacking, golf, reading, travel.
  General Update Still practicing water law and environmental law, but making more time for outside interests. Have been playing lots more guitar the last few years than anytime since my 20s -- mostly blues, traditional country, swing, and old time music. Took up road biking when I turned 60. I sign up for several XC ski races every year, mostly as an incentive to stay fit. Kay and I, and our siblings, are spending lots of time dealing with our four aging parents -- lots of work, but also very fulfiling.
  Favorite Memory from High School Bob Firman's calculus class.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Here are two: "Keep on the sunny side." (A.P. Carter) and "Got to keep movin'." (Robert Johnson)
Sherrill (Sherry) Fields (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired since 2005
  Family Stats Married
  Hobbies/Special Interests Wine, food, hiking, bicycling, traveling, reading, volunteering
  General Update Red Cross Disaster Assistance Volunteer for disasters nationwide.
  Favorite Memory from High School Drill team performances at basketball games.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Actions...not words...define us.
Pam Fodrea Mason-Kingsbury (2006)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married - Combo family: 7 adult children, 8 grandkids and two cats
  Hobbies/Special Interests Beachcombing, travel and cruising
  General Update Teenage marriage lasted 26 years and have four wonderful college educated children all working and happy. Met second husband, who swept me off my feet and took me to California for eight years, and then we moved to Vancouver, which makes it so I am back to the area where three of my children live and my mother is here. I am now helping my mother with her daily living. It is pay-back time as I would never have been able to finish high school if she had not helped me with my children.
Terry Francis (2008)
  Current Occupation Consultant, Self-Employed
  Family Stats Single
  Hobbies/Special Interests Music, art, travel, golf
  General Update Good so far!
  Favorite Memory from High School It was all great - great friends, foot ball, ISPTAD
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Never draw a six gun on seven men!
Marty Gabica (2008)
  Current Occupation Medical Director, Healthwise
  Family Stats Married, 2 kids, 1 dog, 2 horses
  Hobbies/Special Interests Fly fishing, skiing, rafting, mountain biking, hunting
  General Update Left practice of Family Medicine after 27 years to join Healthwise as a Medical Director. Medical editing and patient information development.
  Favorite Memory from High School Band and football games
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Individual preferences dictate choices.
Claudia Girdner Morris (2006)
  Current Occupation HR Manager, AIRE
  Family Stats Married (2nd time around) for 18 years to Jeff. 1 daughter, Shannon, age 38; 3 grandchildren ages 21, 13 and 2. (Shani had her kids spread in age) and I have 1 great grandson who is 2 1/2. I also have 9 dogs (5 wiener dogs, 3 labs and 1 rotweiller, 5 horses and down to 1 cat (and I wonder where all the paychecks go!)
  Hobbies/Special Interests I love to spend time with my wonderful grandkids and they do live in town so I get to see them a lot and they actually enjoy my company, although the 13 year old does think I am a little boring, not near as much fun as hanging out with her friends. And I also love my animal children; they do take up a lot of time but I love to spend time being with them - pets are so great to have around you.
  General Update Right now, I am working at a company called AIRE. We make inflatable white water boats (I noticed in some of the other bios that there were some white water enthusiasts out there). A great company to work for, I've been with AIRE for 15 years. Other than moving to Washington for two years right after we graduated, I have lived in our "little" valley always. It is not such a little valley anymore, pretty amazing growth. I haven't gone to any of the other reunions, not sure why I didn't, but am looking forward to coming to the 40th. I think it will be so interesting to see and re-meet some of our classmates. Boy, has it really been 40 years?! Time goes by so quickly when you're having fun. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Be sure to come, everyone - the more, the merrier! Be seein' ya...
Diana Goode Keeton (2008)
  Current Occupation Underwriting Assistant, Continental Western Insurance Company
  Family Stats Married, three grown kids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Family, gardening, hiking, cruising, traveling
  General Update Have lived in Boise area since high school, except after we were 1st married, lived in Portsmouth, VA, due to Ed being in Navy. Moved back and have been here ever since. Just working and spending time between our home in Meridian and McCall.
  Favorite Memory from High School Can't remember!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Don't sweat the small stuff - live for today!
Chuck Gossett (2013)
  Current Occupation Business Software Accounting, Cougar Mountain Software
  Family Stats Married, two adult children and two adult step-children in three NW states. We have 3 grandchildren and are expecting a grandson any day. My 14 year old grandson will finally get his brother.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Paula and I love our Idaho life style with opportunities overflowing into the different seasons. Summers include swim team events for the grandchild here, multi-day rafting trips that have, over the years, included much of Idaho, Alaska, Utah and the Grand Canyon. We are able to enjoy McCall at the family cabin that extends into winter skiing (Brundage and Tamarack). I have enjoyed racing the gates Wednesday nights at Bogus Basin (Nastar program) with Paula joining in on the weekly post race festivities. Fall is a special time for me with an exceptional German Shorthair pointing dog and companion. We begin in the high forest elevations, conditioning and searching for Blue Grouse and, as the snakes disappear, enjoy our high desert canyons - chasing Chuckar Partridge. Camping and hiking is opportune in the high desert and mountains (spring and fall). We enjoy occasional travel including later this fall with a group of friends, biking in Bar Harbor, ME. This summer, we have taken up paddle boarding.
  General Update Finding time and balance around a late and unplanned carreer change into my father's accounting software business has been formidable. The concept that challenge creates growth is alive in my world, although I see the need to craft my own succession plan. Dad is well at 90, although work occupied much of his opportunities for an active and fulfilled retirement.
  Favorite Memory from High School There are many fond memories. With the passing of Rich Hutchins this last year, a dear friend that I had lost contact with, many of those memories came rushing back. It was great to see Kris Spitzler Hutchins, Rich's still cool (older) sister Elaine, my former wife Karen and many friends.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned The hindsight of not having focused enough on the academics in lieu of having focused too much on fun.
Nanita Grisham (2008)
  Current Occupation Disabled - part time postal worker
  Family Stats Single, one daughter, 2 granddaughters, 1 son-in-law, 1 dog
  Hobbies/Special Interests Needlework, gardening, outdoors by my beautiful creek
  General Update I went from bus driver to 18 wheeler driver all over the USA to Ophthalmic assistant to mail carrier.
  Favorite Memory from High School Parties, unfortunately, instead of studying!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I like living alone.
Bob Hallock (2008)
  Current Occupation Electrical Engineer, Kootenai Electric Cooperative
  Family Stats Married, four kids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Ham radio, fly fishing, RVing, snow skiing
  General Update All our kids are out of college! All graduated with engineering degrees from colleges across the country.
  Favorite Memory from High School Graduation day!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned If you don't like what you are doing, why do it? If you don't like where you live, why live there?
Nancy Harris Van Curen (2003)
  Current Occupation Revenue Officer, IRS
  Family Stats Married, one son, 28 years old. Graduated honors from U of Washington
  Hobbies/Special Interests Skiing, snowmobiling, outdoor activities
  General Update  
Connie Hartman Spofford (2012)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, two stepdaughters, four step-grandchildren. No pets
  Hobbies/Special Interests Quilting and traveling
  General Update Retired 5years ago from the Industrial Commission. Invested in a home in Patagonia Chile.
  Favorite Memory from High School The Borah vs. Caldwell basketball games my sophomore year.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is fragile. Enjoy every minute.
Marsha Hatch Smith (2012)
  Current Occupation Commissioner, Idaho Public Utilities Commission
  Family Stats Married, 2 adult sons; one cat, Orca
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
Tom Hazzard (2008)
  Current Occupation Supervisor/Trainer for Casino Surveillance, New Phoenix/Last Frontier Casinos
  Family Stats Married, 1 daughter, 1 step daughter, 2 step sons, 12 grandkids, 2 dogs
  Hobbies/Special Interests Horse racing, golf, music, LIFE!!
  General Update Recovering from blood clots in lungs. Losing weight, getting better all the time. Recently married for the last time.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is too short to worry about the small things. Live every day I am given to the fullest and pray I am given another. Life is a precious gift.
David Henderson (2007)
  Current Occupation Geologist, Washington Group Int'l
  Family Stats Married for 31 years to my wonderful wife, Nancy. We have 2 kids, Scott, 24 (married) and Erin, 23. Also Buddy, the cat. Both kids are graduating from the U of I in Spring, 2008.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, baseball, softball and bird hunting with old high school friends
  General Update Have worked for Washington Group Int'l (formerly Morrison Knudsen) for 33 years. Before moving to Germany in 2006, we lived in Texas, West Virginia and Idaho.
Lonnie Hicks (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired, formerly with Hicks Brothers Wood Floors, Inc
  Family Stats Married to an awesome wife, 1 son and daughter-in-law, 2 beautiful grandaughters, 2 doggies and 2 kitties.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Camping, fishing 4-wheeler riding, rock hounding, hunting and time spent with family.
  General Update Life is good.
  Favorite Memory from High School Graduation day
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Perhaps you're right, Dear...
Carol Hill Warren (2012)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Our daughter, Andrea, and son-in-law, Michael, live in Boise and have blessed us with two wonderful granddaughters, Caitlin and Mikayla. Our son, Nick, is living in NYC where he works for Marsh, and another son, Ben, and his beautiful wife, Liya, live in Seattle where Ben is a regional manager for Gallo Wines and Liya is a consultant with Accenture. During football season, we could hang banners for BSU, the University of Hawaii, Oregon State, and the University of Washington to cover our family's alma maters!
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, travel, reading
  General Update After 24 years with Boise Cascade, 10 years with Tektronix/Xerox and 2 years as a management/HR consultant, I'm retired and loving it! My husband, Bob, is the love of my life and our family brings us incredible joy. Bob and I have a home in the Phoenix area where we enjoy spending most of our time from November to June. Golf is our primary outdoor activity that continues to challenge us (especially me), and we also love entertaining/sightseeing with our family and friends whether they're visiting us in Arizona or Idaho. We are constantly reminded that we are very blessed and to treasure each day!
  Favorite Memory from High School Hard to pick just one -- many wonderful memories that came from good times with great friends!
Phyllis Hochhalter Martinsen (2008)
  Current Occupation Account manager, Erstad & Co.
  Family Stats Married 36 years to Paul Martinsen, daughter Sandi Amman (son-in-law Tim) and son Steven. Pepper, the puppy dog.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Love to travel, entertain and read. New hobby - Sudoku puzzles.
  General Update Looking forward to semi-retirement. I'm not sure I'm ready to retire 100%. Continue traveling and entertaining friends and family.
Linda Hogard-McGee (2008)
  Current Occupation Shuttle Driver, Mtn. Home Shuttle Services
  Family Stats In a committed relationship, 2 kids, 7 grandkids, 2 great-grandkids, 1 dog.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Sewing, reading, crafts, camping and fishing
  General Update I'm learning to enjoy life. I've been a workaholic for years, doing the jobs of five people. Low grade cancer can change your life real fast.
  Favorite Memory from High School I remember my best friends and won't forget the ones that are gone now.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Don't take things for granite. Go for things in life, no matter what.
Donna Holzinger-Long (2008)
  Current Occupation Logistics, Pacific Power & Light, Co.
  Family Stats Divorced, 2 dogs & one horse
  Hobbies/Special Interests Showing my horse in trail competition and showing my Australian Shepherd in obedience classes.
  General Update Divorced 28 years and looking forward to retirement in 2010.
  Favorite Memory from High School Can't remember that far back - 40 years?!?
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Family and health is everything.
Bill Hon (2007)
  Current Occupation Real Estate, with Coldwell Banker
  Family Stats Divorced; one son, Joshua - aged 23 and attending BSU. Joshua lived with me in Florida from the 8th grade on.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Skiing, beach, scuba, sail, working out, travel and good friends, music, food and wine!
  General Update I only went to Borah in the 10th grade but know many from South Jr. I finished high school in Switzerland. Then college at the U of I, California, and Boise State. Mostly I've  been out of state living in Florida and Colorado. I return every year to visit family and am there often these days due to the recent passing of my Mother. Currently single and dating and traveling and would like to hear from anyone who is still around and remembers. I am very impressed with the growth and sophistication that has come to Boise. Not bad for a little ol' Idaho town!
Cathy Huntington Danz (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired paralegal
  Family Stats Married; three children living in Seattle and three grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Enjoying life and family; following the Gonzaga basketball team.
  General Update  
  Favorite Memory from High School Kind friends, excellent dedicated teachers and acceptance for a transfer from the Chicago area.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned There is never enough gratitude for the people who shared themselves with me along the way.