I - Z
Suzanne Ivey (2008)
  Current Occupation Medical technologist in microbiology, Quest Diagnostics Lab
  Family Stats Married, one cat: Gray Charles
  Hobbies/Special Interests Birdwatching, music, travel, reading
  General Update After finally graduating from college and med. tech. school in 1977, I moved to Seattle for a job and have been working here for 36 years at the same place, essentially, though the company names have changed through mergers and sales. I truly enjoy the work in clinical micro. and the people that I work with, and I'm not ready to retire anytime soon. My husband, Nick, is an architect, and he is ready to retire, so somebody needs to pay for medical costs and trips, and that will be me for several more years, hopefully. I supervised the department for 10 years and am now glad to be back to just the technical benchwork. Nick & I have taken birding trips to Central and South America, which we've enjoyed, and continue to do. I've been in the same reading group of 8 people for 29 years. I've enjoyed good health, with the exception of a skin cancer on my face probably due to all the sunbathing that I used to do. I'm very thankful for the wonderful friendships that I have, and I'll be looking forward to catching up with friends.
  Favorite Memory from High School I have many fond memories of my days at Borah: horseback riding with Sharon in the desert across the New York Canal; running around the neighborhood with Rhonda at night; the time we snuck over to peek in the windows at a party at Rick Lake's; all the dances and live music; waterskiing. I guess these things don't include being at Borah precisely. I remember in D. Pankratz's class, one time when he threw an eraser at a student behind me to wake him up, I reached out with my left hand just at the right time, and caught it. He was impressed and wondered why I wasn't signed up for baseball.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I think the key to happiness is to be very thankful for what you have.
Sharon Jagger (2008)
  Current Occupation Freelance artist & promotional event person
  Family Stats Married: two kids, Nick & Sara Gregor, by first husband. Sara is married and lives near Tacoma. Nick is divorced and lives in Post Falls, near CDA. Nick has a daughter who lives with her mother. I have 2 dogs and a cat.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Vice president of Roving Gamblers Motorcycle Club out of Spokane, WA
  General Update For a bio, go to www.artwizzerd.com/personal.html
  Favorite Memory from High School When Mrs. Bentley dropped a raku pot into the bin, not knowing it had paint rags in it and singed off her eyebrows.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Everything happens for a reason.
Ed (Dee) Jameson (2008)
  Current Occupation Mortgage banker, Jameson Mortgage Company
  Family Stats Married for 28 years. Son - John - 26, daughter - Jackie - 23, dog - Maggie
  Hobbies/Special Interests Fly fishing, traveling, riding in my 68 Century with a Chrysler 440 engine, scuba, football & baseball in Seattle, Vandals
  General Update Moved to Coeur d'Alene in 1972, worked in real estate, started Jameson Mortgage 1980. Married the Mombo Dance Queen named Susie. Never worked for anyone other than myself. Susie will retire next year - maybe I will too. Both kids out of school - John with an accounting and law degree, Jackie in marketing.
  Favorite Memory from High School Other than trying to raise as much havoc as possible, driving around Fairview drag racing and hustling chicks, football games, Elmer Headden, running around with the BK gang.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Do not be afraid to leap into the void. Be true to yourself. Cherish the ones you love.
Donald Janson (2007)
  Current Occupation Partner in Walters & Hogsett Fine Jewelers
  Family Stats Single, one son (Cory - married, no kids), one daughter (Kate - single)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Tennis, golf
  General Update Good health. Back in Boise several times a year to visit parents in Emmett, daughter in Boise. Active in jewelry business as we continue to grow our store in Boulder, CO.
Tom Jennings (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, two adult children, two dogs, two cats, still waiting for the grandkids.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, skiing
  General Update Just relaxing, maybe relaxing too much, putting on the pounds
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Never put off to tomorrow what you can have someone else do today.
Rhonda Jensen Hynes (2008)
  Current Occupation Physical therapist, Therapeutic Assoc. Corvallis Physical Therapy
  Family Stats Married, one yellow lab (Cody)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Downhill skiing, gardening, mountain biking, fitness training
  General Update Working half time in a private practice clinic, I'm getting pretty good (by default) at being a "general contractor" on home improvement projects! Upon leaving Portland with our relocation to Corvallis, I "retired" from my involvement as a volunteer with the Arthritis Foundation and with the community organizations (land use planning.)
  Favorite Memory from High School Cheerleading, which has followed me through my career - being able to motivate and encourage individuals in their recovery. And of course, being crowned Miss Borah.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned

Holy smokes - where does one "begin" to answer this! There have been so many - and what is really baffling is why we have to learn some lessons over and over again!

"Pearls of wisdom" from Rhonda's kitchen - "As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down, probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts, too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt, because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin." Anon. --- "Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, it just means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections".

Bill Johnson (2003)
  Current Occupation Carpenter, self-employed
  Family Stats Single, one son - Chad Evertt (15)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Kicking back
  General Update  
Stephen Johnson (2008)
  Current Occupation Family physician, hospital
  Family Stats Married, 3 daughters (32, 22, 16)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Horseback riding, motorcycle riding, cooking, Boise State Football games
  General Update Live on a small farm outside of Malad, Idaho, with wife and youngest daughter. Have a few horses and cows.
  Favorite Memory from High School Hanging out with my friends.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned

Keep a low profile.

Marilyn Jones Wadsworth (2006)
  Current Occupation Homemaker - for 32 wonderful years now
  Family Stats Married, 8 children & 8 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests As you could guess, they would be the above mentioned children and grandchildren -- occasionally a singing group and lots of great church activities
  General Update  
Lois Joslyn Stiegmeier (2007)
  Current Occupation Educational Consultant, self employed
  Family Stats Married - husband Bob Silverman is the Director of Assessment at Puyallup School District. Stepdaughter Katey Silverman DeVert is a teacher married to a firefighter, with our first grandson. Stepson Brian Silverman is in his second year of optometry school, married with second grandchild on the way. Daughter Kate Shantz has graduated law school and moved back to Alaska. Daughter Laura Silverman finishing second year at Western Washington University.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Gardening, reading, traveling, enjoying theater and professional sports, playing with first grandchild, enjoying our adult children.
  General Update Still very busy with consulting business, writing grants and providing other services to school districts. Traveled to England, France, Greece and Rome in the past four years; planning another European trip next year. We built our dream house four years ago and are enjoying our garden and home. Greatly enjoy the theater, baseball and football that Seattle area offers -- still find these pastimes enjoyable after moving from Alaska 11 years ago. Looking forward to retirement in 4+ years.
Niki Kallenberger (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married to Garry Richards, 2 step-daughters
  Hobbies/Special Interests Family and friends, community work, textile arts, reading and movies, travel (in no particular order)
  General Update I've livedin Australia since 1972. I've worked as a teacher, teacher-librarian and educational administrator, but have now been retired for nearly 8 years. The last 10 years of my full-time work I spent as a senior manager at the State Library of NSW. Retirement offers wonderful flexibility and a welcome opportunity to choose to work -- or not. After being single for almost 12 years, I bumped into Garry Richards, with whom I'd worked in the mid-70s. Much to our mutual amazement and delight, we found ourselves falling in love and were married in April, 2010. In July, 2012, we left Sydney, where we'd both lived for a long time to move to the Southern Highlands of NSW, about 75 miles southwest. We love the cooler climate, smaller community and relaxed lifestyle. I return to Boise regularly, but continue to be amazed by its growth. It remains a place dear to my heart, but Australia is defnitely home. Come visit and find out why!
  Favorite Memory from High School Working on the 1968 Safari, screaming my lungs out at football and basketball games, and in retrospect, knowing that my education at Borah has stood me in good stead for all aspects of life.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned There's always something new to learn.
Shirley Kincaid Tann (2008)
  Current Occupation RN, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital
  Family Stats Married, 2 sons - Matt (27), Evan (24), 1 step-daughter Ann (35), 3 grandchildren. 1 cockatiel (Tweet-Tweet-Tann), 1 dog (Diamond).
  Hobbies/Special Interests Fishing, gardening, herbal medicine, reading, beading jewelry
  General Update I've been on a "spiritual" learning curve this lifetime.
  Favorite Memory from High School Cheerleading at the football games
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned The most important person one needs to impress in life is our own self.
William (Bill) Kirkpatrick (2015)
  Current Occupation Retired (January 2015)
  Family Stats Married, two boys, one God-daughter (like a daughter), 10 grandkids, 1 yellow Lab (good bird hunter), 1 Chi-Welsh Corgi mix and 1 Cocker Spaniel
  Hobbies/Special Interests Skiing (easy now), bird hunting, skeet shooting, fly fishing, kayaking, soccer stuff.
  General Update All's well.
  Favorite Memory from High School At this point, the success of the '68 baseball team is fun to recall.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Work both hard and smart. Stay focused on the grounded truth and science - we are surrounded by lots of very fast-paced, useless stuff that can mislead.
Dennis Labrum (2013) Deceased 2014
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, 3 sons, 6 grandaughters, 1 spoiled dog
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, upland game hunting, hiking
  General Update Nice to be here.
  Favorite Memory from High School I had a lot of special memories .
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is precious.
William (Bill) Lansbery (2012)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren, 1 greatgrandkid, no pets at this time but you never know.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, fishing, riding my Harley and traveling with my wife Clarice in our RV
  General Update Worked at UPS for 30 years and decided that was enough.
  Favorite Memory from High School Lots of them, most were good, some bad but that's okay too.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Just try to make a difference in someone's life to make it a better place and time. Try to be the best friend to others and treat them as I would like to be treated.
Sharon Lee Olson (2008)
  Current Occupation Self-employed, food business, concessions (Saladman), rentals
  Family Stats

Married, 1 daughter (34); 1 granddaughter (6 years), 1 grandson (18 months), 4 step-grandchildren

  Hobbies/Special Interests Decorate, build items, babysit grandchildren, many more. Always want to learn.
  General Update Married for 9 years. Never know what is going to happen next! We love our animals and all three schnauzers have died with a year of each other! Getting 2 new puppies in June. Life is a challenge!
  Favorite Memory from High School Senior year having a cooler full of alcohol in the car. A lot of people drunk! Had to take a math test - still got a B. We had some great times in our senior year!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I have lost all of my family; Mom, Dad, brother & sister. Every day I think "Is this my day?" Always see the beauty around you. Being crafty makes me happy.
Art LeTourneau (2009)
  Current Occupation Academic Director, Wellspring Academy (boarding school)
  Family Stats

Married, daughter Christina (34), step-son Zhiming (19).

  Hobbies/Special Interests Travel, cooking, travel, reading and travel
  General Update I worked in law enforcement for 25 years in 6 states. Retired in 1994. Youth ministry for four years then moved to Spain and later Chile, where I taught at a college in Santiago. Have traveled extensively in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Met my wife, Yan, in China... Returned to the US and taught in Texas for a few years. Moved to California recently. Haven't been in Boise since the mid 90s.
  Favorite Memory from High School Senior prom was great... being in the stands at football games :)
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is fleeting... make the most of the time you've got.
Tony Lewis Miethe (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired, worked for County government for 29 years
  Family Stats

Married, 1 daughter, 4 sons, 13 granddaughters, 3 grandsons, 1 great granddaughter, 1 cat

  Hobbies/Special Interests Gardening, walking, travel, volunteering, sharing Christ
  General Update Retired in 2012 and made 10,000 mile trip across USA, then returned home to volunteer at a Pregnancy Resource Center, attend grandkids' sports, teach Sunday School, reach our world for Christ
  Favorite Memory from High School Several friends (more than what was safe) piling into a VW bug every noon hour for lunch at McDonalds and also drill team
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned That God made a way to have a relationship with Him through our acceptance of Jesus' death and resurrection. It's the most important decision of our lives.
Kathy Little-Baker (2008)
  Current Occupation Title I Asst. , Boise School District
  Family Stats Married still to Glenn Baker. We have two sons: Jeff, 33, and Bryan, 31. One granddaughter Bonnie, 4. I love being a Grandma.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Hiking, biking, reading, dancing and gardening. Trying to keep up with Glenn and his fitness level (it will never happen). I love hanging out with family and friends.
  General Update Moved back to Boise in 2001 and love being back. Youngest son just married in April so now I have a daughter-in-law. I work for the school district and Glenn is still working for Weyerhaeuser (Trus Joist) but will be retiring next year.
  Favorite Memory from High School Pep assemblies, hanging out with friends, going to lunch with the girles in the Bruised Prune (Sherry Field's car), meeting Bubs (Glenn) and we are still together. Wow!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Take it one day at a time and just enjoy the moments. Dance like no one is watching.
Mark Lliteras (2008)
  Current Occupation Banking, Wells Fargo
  Family Stats Married, 2 boys, ages 32 & 29. None of the others yet (i.e. grandkids/pets)
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update Been able to live in Boise the whole time.
  Favorite Memory from High School The great friendship amongst the whole class.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Karen Locuson Bowlden (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, one son, Allen, and 2 precious grandchildren, Audrey & Parker
  Hobbies/Special Interests Pottery, cooking & entering contests, reading and anything to do with art.
  General Update Married 38 years, lived in the same home 28 years, recently retired, enjoying my grandkids, very active in our church, enjoy returning to Kauai every chance we get and love to go on cruises.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned It's so important to grow emotionally and spiritually, in order to be a kind, compassionate adult.
Cheryl Low Anderson (2008)
  Current Occupation Corporate accountant, Resources Global Professionals
  Family Stats Divorced, live alone
  Hobbies/Special Interests Putting my home together, reading, sewing, American history
  General Update Education, parenthood (single), keeping body and soul together.
  Favorite Memory from High School Pep rallies and excitement around the Boise vs. Borah football games.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life rarely hands you what you expect when you are young. Go with the flow and learn what you can, regardless of the experiences that you encounter.
Doug Madison (2008)
  Current Occupation Financial Advisor, Madison Poole
  Family Stats Married, 4 children; 8 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests All sports, especially BSU football, travel, spending time with grandkids
  General Update I am working with my oldest son (Roger) in the financial planning business since I closed Madison's Furniture in 2000. I married my wife (Opal) in 1969. She's from Idaho Falls.
  Favorite Memory from High School The winning spirit we enjoyed with our various teams and attending the many pep rallies in the gym.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Live every day to the fullest - you never know when you'll lose a loved one or experience poor health. Never take life for granted.
Dianne Madsen Theurer (2013)
  Current Occupation Corporate Catering Director, Temple Square Hospitality
  Family Stats Married. I have 7 childrean, 3 of my own and 4 step children. I have been blessed with 15 wonderful grandchildren, the oldest of which is on an LDS mission in South Africa.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Running, hiking, traveling, puzzling and being with my grandchildren.
  General Update I have been with my current company for 20 years and oversee the operation of three historical buildings in Salt Lake City. I have done some radio and TV work and have had the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing people. My husband, Ty, is retiring at the end of July after working for 40 years in the radio business. I will retire next year and we hope to travel and do all of the things we were not able to do while we were working. I have a great life and have been very blessed. I am a 5 year cancer survivor and am healthy and happy.
  Favorite Memory from High School I have many great memories, but I often think back on my carpooling days with wonderful friends. My memories of high school were all sweet so I guess my memory is fading as I get older. Relationships with great friends are what made it a wonderful experience.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I guess that it is that we cannot always write the script for our lives. We take life as it comes and make the best of it and no matter what life hands us, we can make it a wonderful life.
Sandie Martin Kurczewski(2003)
  Current Occupation Therapy technician, Boise School District
  Family Stats Divorced, 2 daughters, 2 cats, 1 ex (still friends.)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Working 3 jobs, doing "nothing" is my hobby!
  General Update I will be in Hawaii at [reunion] time (a surprise birthday present from my girls, Dawn & Kelli). Had a tough couple of years - breast cancer and boyfriend's death. Good news - Dawn & Eli got married (finally) after being together 7 years. (Now maybe they can work on making me a grandma!) Have had a very friendly relationship with my ex, Jim, whom I took to senior prom and married at 19. We divorced after 24 years & he now lives across the street from my daughter, Dawn. Good thing we like each other. Aloha!
Ed Masters (2003)
  Current Occupation Business consultant
  Family Stats Married, one son, one daughter, one grandchild
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update I'm still involved in business consulting. Carol is a psychologist (it takes a shrink to put up with me). My son, Brett, his wife, Elizabeth, and their son, Dylan, (2 1/2 years old; our first grandchild), live, work and are in school at UCSD, in San Diego. My daughter, Angela, is also in San Diego attending school. Along with school, she somehow finds time to manage a Starbucks in Del Mar, near San Diego, too. God is good! And he is leading us all on quite an adventure in this ol' life. We're lovin' the blessings and looking for ways to be a blessing wherever we can. We'll be thinking about you all in August.
Mary Matlock (2003) Deceased 2011
  Current Occupation Lab technician, University of Idaho
  Family Stats Single - one horse, one mule, one kitty cat
  Hobbies/Special Interests Riding, hiking
  General Update Have become involved with Idaho sheep industry, doing promotions & helping at events.
DelRay Maughan (2008)
  Current Occupation Physician, SW Idaho ENT, P.A.
  Family Stats Married for 34 years, 5 children, 7 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Sailing
  General Update 32 years as a physician, starting to burn out; all children gone, enjoying grandchildren
  Favorite Memory from High School Two major influences on my life: Ed Troxel and Bob Firman
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned When all is said and done, there's always much more said than done.
Michael McCullough (2008)
  Current Occupation Chiropractor, self-employed
  Family Stats Married, 18 year old son, 15 year old daughter
  Hobbies/Special Interests Skiing, tennis, camping, working out
  General Update Happily married for the past 22 years. Married only once. I have been in private practice as a chiropractor for the past 23 years.
  Favorite Memory from High School The day I was sent home from school for not wearing any socks, along with a bunch of the other "Lightning Club" members!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Take good care of your body, it's the only one you will ever get!
Marilyn McKercher Spragg (2008)
  Current Occupation Educational assistant, Hillsboro School District
  Family Stats Widowed, 2 married daughters, 5 grandchildren, 2 dogs
  Hobbies/Special Interests Knitting, crocheting, playing with my grandchildren
  General Update My daughter and son-in-law adopted 2 boys last June and this June 12, 2003, she gave birth to a little girl. My new grandchildren have given me a whole new life since the death of my husband in 1997. They are now the love of my life. [from 2003 update]
Diane McLaughlin Kowalski (2008)
  Current Occupation Special Ed classroom asst./autism - Group fitness instructor; Federal Way public schools and LA Fitness
  Family Stats Divorced after a 30 year marriage, but am in a committed relationship now. Stayed home to raise 3 wonderful children, son and two daughters, 31, 29 & 24. All Willamette U. graduates in great careers, two are married to equally terrific spouses. And one most adorable grandson.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Fitness is one of my greatest passions, along with diving (now getting used to the cold Puget Sound - brrrr), biking, kayaking, white water rafting, and reading.
  General Update Became a certified group fitness instructor in 2000 - yep, that's right, the year I turned 50. Definitely a getting-out-of-my-box experience. Taught a bootcamp format for 7 years, moved to WA and am still teaching. Have worked with autistic students for 20 years, pretty much speak the language and enjoy developing programs for their success. Backtracking, I graduated from OSU in 1972, married and had 3 children.
  Favorite Memory from High School Football pep assemblies, revved up by Coach Troxel...
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Speak from your heart and follow your gut instincts.
Mike McPeak (2008)
  Current Occupation Commercial Tire sales
  Family Stats Divorced, 2 step kids, 7 step grandkids, 1 dog, 1 cat
  Hobbies/Special Interests Working on 1930 Model A hot rod, snow mobiling, some camping
  General Update  
  Favorite Memory from High School
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned The world is never too small as you may run into a classmate or someone from Idaho anywhere.
Delynn Mills Coleman (2013)
  Current Occupation Free
  Family Stats Married, husband Phil, Sons Aaron (wife Barb, kids Jackson & Kellyanne) and Chad. Dog Cedar
  Hobbies/Special Interests Skiing, golf, walking, watercolor, water aerobics, game for anything!
  General Update After raising two sons, owning a Hallmark store and being a realtor. I am enjoying different things in life.
  Favorite Memory from High School
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned You can't change people!
Vicky Mitchell Grant (2015)
  Current Occupation Sales, RISO
  Family Stats Divorced - 1 dog named Willow
  Hobbies/Special Interests

Decorating, dancing, cooking, repurposing furniture, fashion

  General Update Love living in California. Always knew this would be home!
  Favorite Memory from High School Going to prom with Sharo Lee and Kathy Kurdy.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Choose your battles, and relax and enjoy life!
Joey Moe Pearson (2008)
  Current Occupation Paralegal - Appeals & Litigation, Boise National Forest
  Family Stats Single, three married children and five grandchildren. Sisters Karen & Kristin still live in Boise...Marilyn is in Lewiston. Mom passed away 3 years ago at age 90. I miss her...she had a good life and was sharp as a tack until the day she died...oh...and I can't forget Tux and RazMaTaz...two of the most beautiful Maine Coon cats EVER!!!! They're my buds...
  Hobbies/Special Interests Still going strong...family is first and foremost...kids, grandkids, fulltime job, travel, new house, kitties, etc. etc. etc. Not enough time for vacations/travel but I'm hoping that will come with retirement (someday.)
  General Update Still single, built a new house three years ago (I love it), keeping busy with my job at the Forest Service (too many lawsuits!). All my children are college graduates (which I never got to experience and I'm very proud that they did), they are all happily married, and blessing me with beautiful babies. Can't ask for more outta life than that!! Molly will be 39 in about a month (GOD, am I really that OLD!), Pete is 30 and Josh is 28. VERY great kids...My oldest granddaughter, Kathryn Gustavel, is almost 13, Elizabeth is 11, Joe is 6, Maryn is 2, and my little baby Wyatt is just 4 months old. I am so lucky to have them all...they keep me going...life is good.
  Favorite Memory from High School There are lots of great memories at Borah. Kids in this day and age will never get the chance to experience what we had in "those days".... the simplicity of it all....I'm so glad I was born in 1950 and got to experience that - good or bad.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned WOW - maybe I should just write a book....
Linda Montgomery Nitteberg (2013) Deceased 4/17/15
  Current Occupation Writer/Designer
  Family Stats Divorced, two small poodles about 6 years old. Man, how time flies!
  Hobbies/Special Interests I read and write several hours per day. I enjoy making baby blankets. Make jewelry for gifts.
  General Update I am very involved in Bible studies and mentoring young moms.
  Favorite Memory from High School Football games and sockhops. I still treasure the friends from South and Borah.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Do not take myself too seriously.
Janet Morell Hannity (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, 1 son, 2 step-daughters, 2 grandchildren, 2 dogs
  Hobbies/Special Interests Travel, photography, outdoor activities, knitting and family gatherings
  General Update I am so old that there is too much to tell, and the "good stuff" I wouldn't tell anyways.
  Favorite Memory from High School Lunch hour was always the best, with trips to A&W, and other fast food joints with friends.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned If your first marriage fails, try again, and again....!!!!
Greg P Morris (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, three kids, no grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests University of Arizona - Football, basketball and baseball teams.
  General Update Very humble to still be enjoying my life
  Favorite Memory from High School Our class size.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Listen! respond and to not react.
Chris Moser (2008)
  Current Occupation Banking, Merrill Lynch
  Family Stats Single
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update I'm back in New York, after 26 years in Southern California. Living in mid-town Manhattan and working on Wall Street. I haven't visited Boise in a long time, but I'm determined to make it back for the reunion. Looking forward to seeing my Borah friends and catching up.
Lynn Mulder Gordon (2008)
  Current Occupation Credit Specialist, Micron
  Family Stats Divorced, 2 kids - son Aleksander, 35, and daughter, Kristina, 32...so far grandchildren are cats and dogs. I also have two very spoiled dogs - Harli Jane (Shih Tzu) and Jerry (Japanese Chin).
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
Rodney Mulder (2016)
  Current Occupation Electrical engineer, self-employed
  Family Stats Single
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
Bette Murdoch Christensen (2003)
  Current Occupation Homemaker
  Family Stats Married, 6 children, 7 grandchildren including triplets, all under 2 1/2 years
  Hobbies/Special Interests Enjoying being a grandma, lots of church work
  General Update We have lived in Los Alamos for 17 years where my husband is an electrical engineer for Los Alamos National Lab. Five of our children are married. Wynn & I have been married 32 years. Life is great!
Pat Murray Vice (2008)
  Current Occupation Business owner, Global Document Control and Compliance, Inc.
  Family Stats Married to Roger Vice for 36 years! Children - Ryan (30) and Jennifer (27), Rockie the Lab, and Molly the Cat. No grandchildren yet!
  Hobbies/Special Interests Traveling, fishing in many parts of the world, enjoying my family and friends, learning to live healthy and dodging hurricanes and tropical storms in Texas.
  General Update After working at Boise Cascade, we ventured to Houston and launched a records and information management consulting business. This journey has been challenging and rewarding; business has provided opportunities to see many exciting places and meet very interesting people from many industries and disciplines. Today, business is still interesting and fun, so retirement will have to wait. A few of my clients include Shell Oil, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, King Ranch and NASA. I mix business with serving on three research and education foundations.
  Favorite Memory from High School Friends were the best part of my high school experience, and I certainly appreciate tachers who guided me to be independent and to reach and seek life challenges outside of my comfort zone. Fond memories include those crazy and fun band trips, the agony of band competitions, the Sun Valley ski trips, the fun of playing in the orchestra, losing our voices at the football and basketball games, twirling fire batons adt the football halftime shows, and some pretty crazy times with Lucy Desaulniers and Ann Thornton.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Focus on keeping family first in your life, doing what you love as your career, cherishing friends, learning to laugh loud, and always loving unconditionally.
Deborah Myers Waples (2003)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, 1 granddaughter Jasmin (5), dog (Maggie), cat (Tony)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Quilting, cross stitching, reading
  General Update My husband & I sold our house and started full-time RVing in January, 2003. We retired and are enjoying the freedom of traveling & not having to maintain a large house/property.
David Neighbors (2012)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, 2 sons - Jason & Tim
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update I was a lost child in my high school years, so I did not participate in many activities at Borah High School. I went into the Army shortly after graduation from Borah as the Vietnam War was raging and men were being drafted. I received my BS degree from Oklahoma Christian College in 1975. My first son, Jason, was born in San Diego in 1976. He now is married to Jenny and has had two children, Miles and Landon. He is a computer administrator. My second son, Tim (born in 1978) is a singer and shoots movies in Los Angeles. My first major business was sweeping parking lots in Roseburg, OR, San Diego, CA and finally in Twin Falls, ID (1976-1981). I started selling insurance in San Diego in 1981, but had my biggest insurance agency, in Colusa, CA, from 1986 to 1992 (Farmers Insurance). In 1996, I went back to college and earned two Masters from the University of Idaho in 1998 (Counseling and Adult Eduction). Had a Development Disabilities Agency, but became disenchanted with the counseling career and went back to selling insurance. I am now retired and live happily in Moscow, ID.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Eileen Neville Donnelly (2008)
  Current Occupation School nurse, Nampa School District
  Family Stats Married, 3 children, oldest boy is married
  Hobbies/Special Interests Walking, gardening, reading, being with my family.
  General Update I have been married for 30 years this summer. I am a nurse - I went back to work 7 years ago as a school nurse. Robin Wand is married to my brother, Phil - wonderful!
  Favorite Memory from High School All the friends, football games, skiing, pep club
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Find what you like to do and do it!
Bonita (Bonnie) Nielsen Peterson (2008)
  Current Occupation Secretarial Service, self-employed
  Family Stats Married, with two married sons and 9 grandchildren; 1 dog
  Hobbies/Special Interests GRANDCHILDREN, crocheted, reading, writing, cooking
  General Update I attended the University of Utah for 2 1/2 years and have been happily married for 37 years. Don, my husband, was working at IRS in Ogden when we married, and one year later, we moved to Fresno CA, to work at the new IRS center here. He retired several years ago, largely because of poor health, so we have not been able to travel much since his retirement, but we do still keep busy between church involvement, serving on the Board of Directors for UCP and enjoying our grandchildren.
  Favorite Memory from High School I can't think of A favorite memory but rather remember the wonderful feeling of being a part of a large high school and being treated as an equal member of the student body. I graduated because of fellow students who cared.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Dar Nottage-Jakomeit (2012)
  Current Occupation Collecting Social Security (kicked the job to the wind)
  Family Stats Married, a son with one son and three daughters, and a daughter with one son.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Family and friends, and a lot of yard work in between!
  General Update We have been married 43 years in May and still like each other! Have lost our moms, family members, special friends and much loved dog in the past few years so the heart just keeps getting more cracks in it. This time in our lives gets a little more painful!
  Favorite Memory from High School I loved the pep rallies and the spirit... there's no way the school has vibrated the gym that much since we left.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Don't take life so seriously... the days are going to pass whether you are stressed or not so just live it the best you can and love the most you can.
Lance Oldham (2007)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, we have one grandson and another grandchild on the way. Two cats (Peeve & Minnie.)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Woodworking, yard work, computers, travel, collecting minature metal building replicas, bonsais, researching and writing about my eclectic interests.
  General Update

Winter time, mainly indoor pursuits. Summer time, mainly yard and garden work. A little travel thrown in with keeping up with our two daughters and their families. Monitoring health and status of elderly parents.

  Favorite Memory from High School Games, dances, pizzas
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Ron Olson (2008)
  Current Occupation Sales, Arrowrock Supply
  Family Stats Married, three adult kids -- no grandkids -- two dogs, that's enough
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, skiing, bike rides, collect baseball cards
  General Update

Doing well, married for 30 years and enjoying life.

  Favorite Memory from High School They were all good.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
Randy Oster (2013)
  Current Occupation Psychologist in own practice
  Family Stats Married, 3 sons, no grandkids
  Hobbies/Special Interests I jog a few times a week.
  General Update Working full time primarily providing evaluations for the Juvenile Court in Salt Lake City.
  Favorite Memory from High School Hanging out with friends at the pizza parlor on Friday and Saturday nights.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Relationships make life meaningful.
Bill Owens (2018)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Family activities, church service, home remodeling, gardening, music, reading, sports (mostly watching now).
  General Update I have been blessed with some good opportunities, great friends and a wonderful family. I've also had my share of heartaches but still try to carry on. Now that I am retired, my wife and I will try to spend more time with our children - especially those who live far away from us. We will also do more traveling and I will do various projects around the house and yard.
  Favorite Memory from High School There are many wonderful memories I have from my days at Borah. Unfortunately, the older I get, the less I remember the specifics of them. However, the times spent with friends are my most cherished ones. I also enjoyed playing football.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is full of ups and downs. We will all face challenges and sorrow. I am learning to look for the good in every person, and look for a lesson to be learned in every situation or challenge I have. One friend of ours said she always assumes everyone likes her unless she is told otherwise. I am a long way from mastering this behavior but it certainly seems like a great approach.
Kathi Pfost Searle (2013)
  Current Occupation Tax Department Specialist, Supervalu/Albertsons
  Family Stats Divorced, 4 kids (one deceased), 6 grandkids, 1 dog
  Hobbies/Special Interests I have a 5 year old grandson that lives with me so my hobbies include transformers, play swords, legos, and more of the same.
  General Update I hope to work for at least 3 more years, unless the lottery comes my way!! I've lost a good friend this year and was once again reminded how short and precious life is.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"
Linda Pomerenke Duvalis (2008)
  Current Occupation  
  Family Stats Deceased; from information contributed by her sister, Joanne Standerfer
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update Linda Pomerenke was born in Spokane and attended school in Boise, from McKinley through Borah. She moved to Seattle her senior year and finished school there. After high school, she worked in Long Beach, CA, where she met and married her husband, Tom Duvalis. They had two daughters. His work took them to Africa, where they lived for some time, and then they came back to Boise. In a few years, they divorced and she stayed in Boise with her girls. Linda went to work for a small company that owned a resort in the Yellow Pine/Big Creek area. In late 1995, they flew a four passenger airplane up to close the resort for the winter. On their way home, they encountered bad weather and the plane crashed into a mountain, killing all on board. Her sister wrote "Linda was one of a kind. She was beautiful, smart, funny, difficult, lovable, hard working, a loving mother, wonderful sister, loved life, loved the outdoors, boating, jet skiing, flying, loved her friends, loved the Lord, loved her horses, played the piano, loved to dance, was strong willed; there was nothing she couldn't do, and she was unforgettable."
Nancy Pond (2006)
  Current Occupation Intellectual Property Paralegal; NCS Pearson, Inc
  Family Stats Divorced; one son-Shane Cochrane; granddaughter-Amanda Cochran, a German Shephard dog and a Dutch/Thoroughbred horse .
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golfing, gardening, xc skiing, walking and sport horse training/riding.
  General Update I recently moved back to Boise from the Minneapolis area. I work for NCS Pearson, an assessment, testing and education company based in Bloomington, MN, and I telecommute from my home office in Boise. Returning to Boise to be nearer my family is a primary reason for the move back home.
Ron Pursell (2008)
  Current Occupation Ownder, Color Fill
  Family Stats Married, Daughters Carly and Kristin, step-children Shea and Chase, 6 grandkids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Harley riding, traveling, still love music. It's my passion.
  General Update It's been very good! I've enjoyed the adventure
  Favorite Memory from High School Playing in the Rock 'n Roll Band.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is short!
John Reeves (2006)
  Current Occupation Retired - got bored - went back to a really fun job with Idaho Military Dept.
  Family Stats Married, daughter (Cyndi), son (Jason), two granddaughters
  Hobbies/Special Interests Still haven't grown up, still playing with my HotRods (57 Chevy & a Pro Street Camaro)
  General Update Lori and I celebrated our 20th year together this year. In 2003, I retired after 33 years of playing Army.  Like many, I got bored and went back to work as a civilian working for all people, the Military.  Have seen a good chunk of the Earth we live on, thanks to the all-expenses paid fun filled vacations that only Uncle Sam can give you.  I have found that crawling in some other country's mud will make you really appreciate one's own.  It amazes me how little things can bring so much happiness.  I am referring to being able to grow my hair for the first time in my adult life.  Something you all did when you were in your 20's.  Better late than never - my hair has changed color but it's still here (more than some can say). I have found that burying family and friends is life itself. I am proud to have served my country as a soldier and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.        
Donna Reyner Jenkins (2008)
  Current Occupation Cosmetologist, Taylor County Choppers
  Family Stats Married for 37 years to my sole mate. Hope we have many more. Three boys, two married; two granddaughters (2 1/2 & 4 months) and a grandson on the way.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Traveling, gardening and spending time with the grandchildren. Nothing like a grandma.
  General Update Lived in Iowa for the last 33 years. Dennis was in the Air Force for 8 years and then we moved back to farm in Iowa. Farmed for 18 years and called it quits and went to work for a John Deer dealer. Has been there for 19 years. I owned my own hair salon for 22 years. Had a heart attack and have MS so decided to slow down. Closed the salon 3 years ago and went to work for the girls who used to work for me. No stress and only part time. It's a good deal. Gives me great time to play in the yard and the flowers.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Always always put your trust in God. Tell those you love, that you do.
Mike Reynolds (2003)
  Current Occupation Housekeeper, St Lukes Regional Medical Center
  Family Stats Single
  Hobbies/Special Interests Teaching, writing, speaking
  General Update Been to Tibet as a missionary; have been teaching mission for thirteen years; several times, I've given inspirational speeches on recovery from schizophrenia.
Wendy Roberson Reininger (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired counselor/now manage our rental cabins
  Family Stats Married to Bruce Reininger (Boise High 1968) for 37 years; 2 daughters, 1 son
  Hobbies/Special Interests Gardening, weaving, knitting, reading, family, hiking, Zen, camping, warm evenings by the fire
  General Update After living in the Corvallis, Oregon, area for 20 years, Bruce & I moved to the Wallowa Valley in NE Oregon, to a ranch near Joseph. We are having so much fun; we've always dreamed of living in the mountains near wilderness, and this is a beautiful area for all the things we like to do. We have two cabins on our ranch that we're renting out to people during the summer months, and we're having fun with the business and meeting people from all over. My 87 year old Dad lives with us and so does our 19 year old son.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Asking, how can I be fully present in this moment?
Steve Robison (2006)
  Current Occupation Owner, West Printing Co.
  Family Stats Married, 2 children (one graduated Ohio State, one senior at Ohio State) Go Bucks!
  Hobbies/Special Interests Fly fishing and golf
  General Update Flew Army helicopters after high school. Married a Kentucky girl while I was at Ft. Knox. Graduated from University of Louisville. Moved to Ohio in 1986. Been here since, working my various businesses. Raised 2 great kids. Married now 30 years. Never heard about any class reunions even though my mom still lives in Boise at the same address. Guess she never forwarded the mail. :-)
Jay Satterfield (2006)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married to Anne Stout, two kids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Skiing and golf
  General Update  
Sandra Savage (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired teacher
  Family Stats Single - dogs Quincy, Sophie, Bella
  Hobbies/Special Interests Reading, puzzles, bridge, travelling
  General Update I lead a pretty good life. No major upsets. I enjoy being retired and I paid off my mortgage!
  Favorite Memory from High School
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Each day is different.
Tim Schaap (2008)
  Current Occupation Sales and Marketing Manager, Arnold Machinery Company
  Family Stats Married; Four fabulous kids who have all grown up and now all married to wonderful spouses. Six grandchildren and my son, Ryan and wife, Lisi, haven't even started. My wife Janie has 3 wonderful kids and 13 grandchildren. All beautiful!
  Hobbies/Special Interests Music, always music. I still play drums in a band: Freestyle. We play oldies, the same stuff we used to listen to back in high school. And, now this late in life, I've also taken up writing. I've just finished my first novel, "Sarah's Closet". Watch for me on Oprah! LOL
  General Update Divorced several times. Met and married Janie 10 years ago and for some reason, she puts up with me. She is a 3rd grade teacher with Vallivue S.D. in Caldwell.
  Favorite Memory from High School Playing sock hops with several bands I played in and rockin' out in the school's bands. Yeehaa! Cheers to my old bandmates: Don Roberts, Jim Hollingsworth, Ron Pursell and John Foster. Mr. Henry, where are you???
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Keep at it, don't stop.
  Side Note: I've traveled so much with my business career but I always love coming home to the Boise Valley. Hey! Niki, over in Australia! I agree with you, Australia is great. Sidney is the best place, been there several times. Still love coming home to this valley. And I'm sure you do too.
Jim Schmidt (2008)
  Current Occupation Education consultant/professor: Idaho State University/Self
  Family Stats Married, one daughter
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update Semi-retired, working as an educational consultant for an international company. Teaching in the Counselor Education Program for ISU. Married for 36 years.
  Favorite Memory from High School The great lifelong friendships - All of the musical events.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is only what you decide to make of it.
Larry Schoonover (2008)
  Current Occupation Director of Exhibits and Programs Emeritus/Spa Owner, Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture/Spa Paradiso at the Davenport Hotel
  Family Stats Married, daughters Sarah Schoonover & Katie Shane. Grandson Carson Paul Shane is four and cast a fising pole like no other four year old.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, fishing, boating, camping, hockey and women's basketball fan. Rating golf courses for the Washington State Golf Association.
  General Update Still married to Jan Schoonover (Borah, 1967), although she has tried to get rid of me on several different occasions. The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture got rid of me after thirty-two years as Curator of History and Director of Exhibits and Programs. The Schoonovers own Spa Paradiso at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington, where daughters Sarah and Katie have management positions. They succeeded in getting rid of me also.
  Favorite Memory from High School
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Janis Schroeder Eells (2013)
  Current Occupation Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  Family Stats Partner - Susan Frackman - 32 Years together
Son - James and Grandsons, Alex and Andrew
Daughter - Anna
  Hobbies/Special Interests Kayaking, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Sprint Triathlons and Travel.
  General Update After thirty six years in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, I am officially a flatlander, but I really miss the mountains. I obtained my degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Iowa in 1981. I did two Postdoctoral Fellowships at Iowa and Northwestern Then began my academic career at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I was at MCW for 17 years before moving to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I have been a Professor for 10 years. I teach graduate level courses in pharmacology, toxicology and the philosophy of science. I also conduct research on retinal diseases including macular degeneration. I live in Madison and commute to Milwaukee. I love living in Wisconsin. It is a very friendly place to live. Madison is very much like Boise, without the mountains, but it does have 3 beautiful lakes.
  Favorite Memory from High School My friends.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is too short to take it seriously. Take care of your family and friends and have fun.
Larry Schoonover (2008)
  Current Occupation Director of Exhibits and Programs Emeritus/Spa Owner, Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture/Spa Paradiso at the Davenport Hotel
  Family Stats Married, daughters Sarah Schoonover & Katie Shane. Grandson Carson Paul Shane is four and cast a fising pole like no other four year old.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, fishing, boating, camping, hockey and women's basketball fan. Rating golf courses for the Washington State Golf Association.
  General Update Still married to Jan Schoonover (Borah, 1967), although she has tried to get rid of me on several different occasions. The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture got rid of me after thirty-two years as Curator of History and Director of Exhibits and Programs. The Schoonovers own Spa Paradiso at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington, where daughters Sarah and Katie have management positions. They succeeded in getting rid of me also.
  Favorite Memory from High School
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Doug Sherwood (2006)
  Current Occupation Architect
  Family Stats Married, second time, to a GREAT lady from NJ. Three children: Morgan, 24; Derek, 22; and Hailey, 15
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, travel, golf, fighting City Hall, and more golf!
  General Update Attended University of Idaho & New Mexico; married 12 years first go around with two children; married currently to my LAST relationship and best friend w/ one beautiful daughter.  Moved to Phoenix, AZ. in 1984. Have had my own practice of Architecture since 1994.   Just trying to figure out how to keep what hair I have left on my head. EXTREMELY Happy,  just hot down here.  Saw 122 degrees one June.  But NO more shoveling snow in winter.  I can play golf 365 days a year.
Jim Skene (2007)
  Current Occupation Retired military/Idaho Family Programs Office
  Family Stats Divorced, 1 son (30), 1 daughter (15)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Riding Harleys, most sports
  General Update Retired from the National Guard after 30 years of flying helicopters. Got hired as a civilian for the Military Division, taking care of families of deployed soldiers.
David Smith (2007)
  Current Occupation Binderyman, Northwest Printing
  Family Stats Married to classmate Michelle Baker. One daughter, Kimberly, and one granddaughter
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
Ned Smull (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Divorced, no kids and no pets
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf, skiing, cars
  General Update Retired from the banking business after 40 years. Served as Exec. VP and Chief Lending Officer for a regional bank in Central California for the last 22 years. Served 21 years as Chairman of Visionary Home Builders (Stockton, CA); served 9 years and past pres. of the California 2nd District Ag. Board; served 3 years as Board Chair of San Joaquin County Head Start Child Development Center and served 7 years on the Board of the California Community Reinvestment Corp. (Glendale, CA)
  Favorite Memory from High School Running cross country, intramural football and graduation!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Shirley Spofford Lee Warner (2008)
  Current Occupation Administrative Assistant II, Public Utilities Commission
  Family Stats Widowed, 5 children, 3 in-laws, 5 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Flower and vegetable gardening, reading, children & grandchildren, taking a beginning drawing class
  General Update I was married 31 years to a pastor. Moved back to Idaho when Bill died. Finished a college degree in 2004. Been working for the state of Idaho since.
  Favorite Memory from High School Band practice for the football games. Participating in the huge Veterans' Day productions.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Don't be judgemental or you may have the opportunity to experience that person's situation, to learn compassion.
Donna Stephens Kom (2008)
  Current Occupation Breast Care Services, St. Lukes Regional Medical Center
  Family Stats Divorced - married for 22 years, divorced in 1994. I have 4 children (1 son and 3 daughters) and 2 baby granddaughters.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Performed in a women's singing/variety performing group for nearly 20 years and had lots of fun singing, dancing and doing comedy routines. I love to travel and spend time enjoying nature and all it has to offer. I love gardening, cooking and doing crafts with friends.
  General Update After being divorced/single for 15 years, I have recently become engaged!!! Who woulda thunk it could happen to ME??? I am thoroughly enjoying being a Grandma and also choosing to enjoy life to the fullest. YEH!!!
  Favorite Memory from High School Way too many to choose "one"! The school spirit we had and all the fun cheering and supporting our school. Being active in Pep Club and Student Government made for many fun and memorable times!! But most important were the life-long friendships I have cherished through the years!!!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Again, choosing "one" is so hard! Focus on building and maintaining those relationships which mean the most to you, and bring out the best in you. Dwell on "people", not "things"! Sing, dance and love like there is no tomorrow!!!
Carol Stewart Benjamin (2012)
  Current Occupation Sales Leader, CLG
  Family Stats Widowed
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  

Bev Stoddard Chipman (2008)

  Current Occupation Retired from journalism/public relations career
  Family Stats Married 30 years - one dog
  Hobbies/Special Interests Discovered golf 3 years ago and life hasn't been the same since... When not on a golf course, likely to be traveling, hiking, attending theater, reading, tap dancing or just hanging out with friends and families.
  General Update Returned to Boise in late 2005. It's still a great place to live. Enjoy winters in Arizona.
  Favorite Memory from High School Drill team, debate & Mr. Bender
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned In most cases, if you believe you can - you can.

Curt Stoddard (2018)

  Current Occupation Retired from Albertsons/Supervalu in 2012
  Family Stats Married - 5 kids, 7 grandkids
  Hobbies/Special Interests Still messing with hotrods, and doing "projects" for my talented and crafty wife.
  General Update Best life I've ever had so far... some good, some bad, but wouldn't trade it for anything.
  Favorite Memory from High School Pep rallies - so much energy!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Give somebody something valuable - some knowledge, your friendship, a laugh or a smile, whatever you can give them will be worth it.
Carol Strong-Donaldson (2008)
  Current Occupation HR Director/Payroll Manager, LPC
  Family Stats Married, 3 children, 4 grandchildren and one cat
  Hobbies/Special Interests Boating: we belong to 2 yacht clubs and really enjoy all the water around here. Love to read.
  General Update Moved to Portland OR area in 1975 and have been here ever since. Married 28 years and have lived in our current home 22 years.
  Favorite Memory from High School Pep assemblies. What a blast we always had!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Enjoy the people who are in your life and laugh a lot.
Alana Syverson McHugh (2013)
  Current Occupation Enjoying life and being a grandma.
  Family Stats Married, one grandbaby boy whose name is Nicholas Charles Jordan. He was born June 1, 2012. He, his mom (our daughter) and dad live in the Denver, Colorado area. We travel to see them and our other daughter, also in the Denver area about once a month. Yes, I have the grandma disease (can't stay away).
  Hobbies/Special Interests Seeing our grandbaby (Nick), yoga, walking, dancing and gardening.
  General Update Married to Pat McHugh for 42 fun years. We have two daughters (Molli and Kristin). Molli is married and gave birth to Nicholas one year ago. Kristin is not married but also is in the Denver area. Pat and I travel a lot to the Denver area, but when in Boise, take care of the house, yard and garden, see friends, do some dancing (that's how we met), yoga and walking. Nick is our only grandbaby and we travel to Colorado a lot!
  Favorite Memory from High School I've alreay mentioned (on a previous reunion update), partially burning my eyebrows off while twirling a fire baton at one of the football games... so I have many memories, from the twirling at games, playing in the orchestra and good friends!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Each day is a new start. I try hard to make the best of each day.
Diane Tackman-Monahan (2007) Deceased 2015
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Widowed - two children, ages 37 & 35, 3 grandchildren, 11 & 18
  Hobbies/Special Interests Playing on the computer, sewing and reading, going for long walks with my lab.
  General Update My father is now 88 and doing very well. I've been single 8 years now.
Steve Tarter (2008)
  Current Occupation IT Manager, Commercial Tire
  Family Stats Married, 2 sons - Brad & Craig
  Hobbies/Special Interests Skiing & boarding at Brundage, spending time with family at our cabin in McCall
  General Update  
Charlie Thomas (2009)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats
  Hobbies/Special Interests
  General Update Living in San Diego
Diane Thomas Tanner (2008)
  Current Occupation Homemaker
  Family Stats Widowed, 6 children, 9 grandchildren
  Hobbies/Special Interests Family, Youth in my Church, reading, gardening
  General Update I graduated from BYU and taught grade school for three years in Salt Lake City. My husband received his law degree and we moved back to Boise. Our six children havae all graduated from college and are happily married. We have nine grandchildren. My husband died in June, 2000. Altho' I did not anticipate a life without my husband, my best friend, my life is full and I feel blessed.
  Favorite Memory from High School My favorite memories are of my friends.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned The thing that matters most is how we treat other people.
Ralph Tiebel (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married for 40 years this October
  Hobbies/Special Interests Camping, fishing, travel, shooting, time with family.
  General Update Retired after 36 years in the propane industry
  Favorite Memory from High School Interaction with friends/teachers. Ned Smull enjoyed playing poker at my house because he won.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Learn to like yourself. If life kicks you in the teeth, find a good dentist and move on.
Alan Trees (2013)
  Current Occupation Retired electrician, owner/operator Gold Dredge Builders
  Family Stats Married, two daughters - Annaka, 47 & Ali, 45.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Gold diver/inventor - travel worldwide developing mining projects and gold prospects
  General Update Retired after 42 years as electrician. Owned gold mining equipment company - inventor of all my designs. Website - golddredgebuilders.com. Live in Riggins Idaho for the last 23 years on 70 acres of not so flat ground. Write mining related stories and "how to" recreational gold mining for several mining publications. Wrote two books on gold prospecting. Hunt and fish on the Salmon River. Staying very busy... the key to staying young!
  Favorite Memory from High School The two memories that stand out the most were when I was a junior, I was threatened by two senior football players (big guys) that if I didn't shave my head, they would (try) to beat me up. And the second memory was being invited by Al Bennett, the then boys counselor to go deer hunting with him. Had a fun trip - no deer.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Never let your education interfere with your learning. And it is better to be over the hill than under it.
Roy Trees (2008)
  Current Occupation Electrician, Energy Electric
  Family Stats Married, 2 kids, 4 stepkids, 9 grandkids, one dog, one cat, one horse.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Fishing with brother Alan
  General Update Happy & healthy.
  Favorite Memory from High School My brother & I spending time with friends
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Don't worry. Be happy.
Laura Turner Owens (2008)
  Current Occupation Musician, music teacher - both self-employed and work for Boise School District
  Family Stats Widowed, one son, Jonathan, 22
  Hobbies/Special Interests Music, reading, calligraphy, walking
  General Update Since graduating, I attended U of I and got a degree in Music Education. I then married and have lived in California, Washington and Oregon, before moving back to Boise last year. My son was born in 1985 and my husband died in 2002. I taught music in the Nampa Schools ('78 - '79) and private lessons for 35 years. I now teach music in the Boise Schools.
  Favorite Memory from High School I just loved being part of a great school with a terrific orchestra and a great sports program. We had a lot to be proud of!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned I have learned that many things are out of my control in life, but the one thing I can control is my attitude. And, that life is best lived when I take it one day at a time, trying to savor each moment.
Greg Vaught (2008)
  Current Occupation Orchestra librarian, San Antonio Symphony
  Family Stats Divorced; between cats
  Hobbies/Special Interests Reading, movies
  General Update Nothing much changes; I just wanted to be the first update in 2014. After college, I worked two years in a hospital emergency room, then eight years playing bassoon in the North Carolina Symphony. Moved to SAn Antonio, stayed in music but mutated from player to librarian, and have been at the same job for 31 years. Haven't figured out what "retiring" would be.
  Favorite Memory from High School Cinnamon suckers, the Lionettes' St. Louis Blues routine, running the ditch bank, and football trips to Sandpoint and Medford.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Every war has two losers -- Poet William Stafford.
Robin Wand (2013)
  Current Occupation Psychologist/Clinical and Training Director - East Bay Community Recovery Project
  Family Stats Married - Husband Phil Neville and I continue to enjoy our work. He is the Deputy Director of Development for Oakland Housing Authority. We have a delightful second job as often as possible as the grandparents of Laura and Andrew Neville's sons, Christian, 4.5, and Davis, 3. Who knew the sound of "Grandma!" would be so welcome. My mother, Lois Wand, 89, is living alone and does not need any of my suggestions about supportive services, thank you very much.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Phil and I save our vacation days and frequent flyer miles to leave the country once a year if possible. I ran into Niki Kallenberger in the ladies' room at the Uffizi Museum in Florence! We screamed and scared everybody.
  General Update Health is good and am fortunate to worry about not having enough time to spend with family and friends and not much more.
  Favorite Memory from High School Working with Marge Bue on the newspaper with the rest of the Senator crew and my good buddy, Sharon Maughan.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Me and Winston C. -- "Stay calm and carry on."
Tom Warner (2012)
  Current Occupation Chaplain at the Idaho State Veterans Home and three other retirement or mental health facilities. Also part-time pastor of Mountain Veiw Church of the Brethren on Cole Road.
  Family Stats Married to Shelley (Worden) since 1971. Two adopted children (from India), both married. Two grandkids (3 & 6) that alternate between making us laugh and driving us a bit crazy.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Running a comedy character named Alberto Fetuccini for President (see him on Facebook). Playing guitar and singing oldies.
  General Update We came back to Boise in 2003 after 25 years away. Glad to be back.
Jan Watkins Thomson (2008)
  Current Occupation Piano teacher (23 years) / retired self-employer
  Family Stats Married, 3 boys (24, 31, 35) & 3 grandchildren (11,7,3). Our three daughters-in-law are wonderful and special.
  Hobbies/Special Interests Playing the piano, organ and autoharp, traveling, flying, camping, riding 4 wheelers, learning Spanish, reading and memorizing songs and special sayings, scuba diving, traveling, traveling on our Honda Gold Wing, and fishing at Flaming Gorge.
  General Update My husband is a retired pilot but does contract back to the US government. I still teach piano but I only teach 1 day a week now. We now have time to spend 2 -3 months in the Dominican Republic each winter. We volunteer in our church to help with humanitarian aid for the Puerto Plata area. I am very happy to be alive and well but the past 10 years have been very difficult. At one time, I almost died of a staph infection in my blood. Then after three major surgeries in 19 months, have taken two years to get to the point where I can exercise enough to start getting off the weight I gained while I could not exercise. My back was fused at the L4-5 vertebrae and now my back feels better than it has in 42 years! Some accidents that I had as a teenager took about 25 years off the life of my back. I am hoping to make up for lost time and enjoy biking, hiking and bowling again.
  Favorite Memory from High School Having great friends to enjoy being with and going with to activities.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Live like you only have today; learn as much as you can; laugh -- laughter is the "best medicine"; and love abundantly and unconditionally.
George "Dewey" Webster(2017)
  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Single
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update  
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Viet Nam 69 - 70

Michael Westenskow (2013)

  Current Occupation Retired
  Family Stats Married, raising our two grandchildren. Ages 6 (Hailey) and 4 (Kiera). Perhaps this time we can do it correctly.
  Hobbies/Special Interests  
  General Update Retired after 35 years in entertainment/education (aren't they the same?) field. The last 20 years as the Technical Director at Whitworth University in Spokane.
  Favorite Memory from High School  
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Life is a series of most wonderful moments.
Gary Wilbert (2008)
  Current Occupation Geographic Information System Analyst, Idaho Power Company
  Family Stats Married
  Hobbies/Special Interests Traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest, enjoying all sports, especially Boise State University basketball and football, photography, golfing and bike riding.
  General Update After graduating from Borah, I enlisted in the US Navy. Completing boot camp several months later, my next stop was Viet Nam, to board the USS Fort Marion LSD 22. We completed our tour of duty, then off to Bremerton, WA, via San Diego, to de-commission the ship. The Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, CA, was my last stop, working as an assault/liberty boat coxswain. On my duty days, it was fun driving the boats around San Diego harbor, day and night. On August 13, 1970, was honorably discharged from the service and 13 days later, enrolled at Boise State. After graduating from BSU, I worked for several local engineering/land surveying companies that eventually led to my employment at Idaho Power Company in Boise. I'm currently working as a Geographic Information Systems Analyst (GIS) in the GIS Applications group. I've worked for Idaho Power for 31 years and have been married to Sandy (Oliver) Wilbert for 31 years as well.
  Favorite Memory from High School I scheduled a meeting with the principal at Borah in 1967 to discuss returning to school. Following that meeting, my vision changed to stay in school, stay focused and graduate, which I did in 1968.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned Good friends last a lifetime. Enjoy everyday of your life!
William (Lynn) Wood (2008)
  Current Occupation Lumber Broker, International Orient Lumber
  Family Stats Married, two daughters, two step-sons, two grandboys
  Hobbies/Special Interests Golf
  General Update Moved to Arizona 9 years ago - still working
  Favorite Memory from High School
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned  
Stan Yancey (2006)
  Current Occupation I am working at a computer help desk in Kuwait for the US Army - Contractor (Dec 2006)
  Family Stats Married #2 - (divorced #1), 2 sons - James & Joseph, 2 daughters - Sarah and Bouquet. I have a home in the country of Turkey but I am currently working in Kuwait, on my way to Iraq next month. We have a little white dog named Lucky.
  Hobbies/Special Interests I like to bask in the really hot Kuwaiti sun. Currently working on my 2nd million ('cause I gave up on my 1st.) Like to trade the stock market and foreign currencies. Love reading and surfing the internet and vacationing.
  General Update My father & mother have both passed on. All seven of my brothers and sisters are still alive. I am the "baby" (lucky number 7). I have been out of the USA since 1987. Love the US Constitution and Founding Fathers.
Amy Young Braden (2008)
  Current Occupation Retired from teaching profession after 35 years
  Family Stats Divorced. I have 2 children, Eric (30) and Emily (26). Eric runs the truck driving school for Cargo Express in Boise and Emily just completed her masters in Latin American studies at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC. But wants to make a living singing blues and jazz! She is living her dream. Go for it, I say! I have no grandchildren and both of my children say not to expect any... both are single.
  Hobbies/Special Interests I am currently a "nanny" to supplement my retirement income and I LOVE IT! I also belong to the High Desert Swing Dance Club... dancing 2-4 nights per week. A great group of people, if you're interested in learning to dance?
  General Update I started teaching in 1972 and retired in 2007. I taught grades K, 1 & 2. I got married in 1976 to Bill Braden, also a teacher of elementary & secondary Spanish. Eric was born in '78, Emily in '81. My mother still lives in her home in Randolph Robertson subdivision and I visit her each day. I see my son a couple of times a week and I try and visit my daughter in Victoria BC as often as possible... it is lovely there. I might retire in Victoria when my mother is no longer around?
  Favorite Memory from High School My favorite memory at Borah was the first pep assembly. It scared me so much... so loud and such loud cheering and the enthusiasm was overwhelming... I had only been to 1 football game in Houston, Texas, when I moved to Borah as a senior. Another memory was being taken up to Bogus Basin and pushed down the hill without knowing what I was doing or how to stop! You can imagine what I looked at the bottom. Spread eagle!
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned The world is a very small place... be careful what you say to others... it will come back around as we are all connected in such odd ways!
Don Young (2008) Deceased 2007
  Current Occupation Deceased, 2007 - was a custom painter
  Family Stats Married, 3 kids - Jeremy Young (33); Jessica Detwiler (30); and Rose Johnson (28) - 5 grand kids - Jarrod Detwiler (10), Parker Johnson (6), Haydin Johnson (4), Ashlyn Young, (2) & Chloe Donn Johnson (7 weeks.)
  Hobbies/Special Interests Owned his own painting business (Don Young Custom Painting) and then went into business with son, Jeremy, and renamed his business (Finishline and Associates). He owned his business for over 30 years. Loved restoring old cars, hunting, fishing and camping - anything outdoors. He could make just about anything - he made his own dirt bike.
  General Update Lived in Alaska with son Jeremy for a few years. He said he loved Alaska. That was his favorite time in life. Moved back to Idaho in 2006 to be closer to the rest of his family.
  Favorite Memory from High School Meeting his wife, Lourae Young. Going to Firebird Raceway. Dirt bike racing. Meeting up with his friends, Garth Anderson, Chuck Brady & Dewey Webster.
  Most Important Life Lesson Learned He always said never put life for granted. Never let the stress of life get in your way.