From Lois Joslyn Stiegemeier

Lois & Niki Kallenberger

From Guy Towle

"This picture shows members of the Borah High Key Club, planting trees and shrubs at the school. Some 300 plants were donated to the school from a local garden shop and the Key Club volunteered their time and efforts toward the cause. Some 50 man-hours were devoted. Members from left to right: Larry Hopt (Senior Member); Guy Towle (Club Vice President); Max Christensen (Lt. Gov. - VI District); Greg Vaught (kneeling - Senior Director); Mike Brandeberry (International Trustee); Gary Lewis (kneeling - President)"


(Politically Incorrect...)




From Denise Alexander Bittner


Great Memories from Borah!

For our 50th reunion, we're adding a new collection of classmates' photos from our time at Borah. Please send any you'd like to share!