Since so many classmates are at the age where they are involved in caring for their aging parents, if they're lucky enough to still have them around, the Safari Sisters decided to put together a resource listing for classmates still in Boise to help them find services who can assist with caring for their parents. These are helpful organizations that classmates have discovered as they've cared for their own parents.

Click here to view the Resource List.


It seems as if every web site has a Links page so we figured we should have one as well. Some of the links listed are to websites that classmates are associated with. Some are places or clips that are at least marginally connected to our school days. Suggestions/additions are welcome (drop a note to Paula)!

CLASSMATES' SITES Wendy Roberson Reininger's Oregon cabins for rent Monty Cazier's web site Tim Celeski's web site
OTHER STUFF The Boise School's Borah web site. Great site about Pacific Northwest Bands going back to the 50s Boise High Class of '68 web site