This list reflects information collected from members of the Borah Class of 1968 ("Safari Sisters"). It is intended for use by members of the group. The information presented has not been verified and there is no assurance of its accuracy or usefulness. You may wish to contact the person who made the recommendation for further information.
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General Resources for Seniors
Senior Solutions Provides brochures and information on residential solutions as well as other services for seniors. 3101 W State St Boise 83703 345-7777 Alana McCue 11/18/2011
Health Care/Physical Needs
Idaho Commision for the Blind & Visually Impaired Operates a store with vision aids as well as evaluation and counseling for those with visual impairments 341 W. Washington/PO Box 83720 334-3220 Denise Bittner 11/27/2011
Idaho Talking Book Library Provides recorded books on cassette or digital storage, as well as the equipment to play them. Free mail service. 325 W State St 334-2150 Paula Weir 11/27/2011
Podiatry Center of Idaho Diabetic foot care 900 N Liberty, Ste 306 367-7887 Denise Bittner 11/27/2011
St Al's Coughlin Foot & Ankle Clinic Treats musculoskeltal disorders of the foot and ankle 901 N Curtis Rd, Ste 503 367-3330 Denise Bittner 11/27/2011
Four Rivers Hospice Four Rivers was a huge help for Mom. I know the only reason we had her with us for an additional year or more is because of Four Rivers care. 7941 W Rifleman St, Boise 83704 321-8641 Lynn Gordon


Visiting Angels - Julie Vogel Provided great home health care for Lynn's mom. 36 E Pine Ave, Meridian 83642 888-3611 Lynn Gordon 1/24/2012
Home Maintenance
Green Power Mowing Use only battery-powered mowers/trimmers - blowers. Non polluting! Prices don't change with the cost of gas! 1333 E Versailles Ct Boise 83706 859-2034 Denise Bittner 11/18/2011
Handi-Man Can Marsha Smith's husband, Ron Edler, operates his own handy man business. 515-1999 Marsha Smith 11/21/2011
House Cleaning

(The following information was secured in early 2012 by Denise Bittner when seeking a house cleaner for her parents).
Sharon Lee Olson House Cleaning - charges $20/hr with a 2 1/2 hour minimum. 484-3586 Denise Bittner 1/29/2012
Shauna Luna $20/hr - good with older people 375-8948   Denise Bittner 2/17/2012
Shannon Colbert $15/hr - "very thorough" 794-3621   Georgia Chase Bowman 2/17/2012
Trever @Daisy Days Cleaning $100 for 3 hours to clean a 2600 sq ft home 871-8159   Carol Hill Warren 2/17/2012
Lynn Sprague   447-8916   De Zbrowski 2/17/2012
Joseph @ Extremely Clean   965-1213   Kathy Pfost Searle

Susan Almarez   353-0263   Susan Bower Donnelly 2/17/2012
Susan Kraft $16/hr 412-6883   Eileen Pierce Moore 2/17/2012
ACCESS Bus Service Provides door-to-door transportation for people with disabilities. 345-1234 Paula Weir 11/18/2011
Boise City Taxi Scrip Scrip, purchased thru Senior Solutions for $1 per coupon, provides $2 towards a ride in a participating Boise taxi. Managed by Senior Solutions above 345-7777 Paula Weir 11/18/2011